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Secret Ingredients travelling exhibition

The travelling exhibition invited visitors to discover the cultural origins of some of Singapore’s most iconic dishes. Through a companion webgame, visitors became “detectives” to decode the “secret ingredients” of each dish.



Afterwords travelling exhibition


Following its showcase at the Centre, the exhibition started its journey to nine public libraries around Singapore from April 2021 to January 2022.



Mythology at Chinatown Point


Showing works by 20 young local artists who re-interpreted traditional Chinese myths and legends, Mythology: The Remix was first commissioned for SCCC’s RE:MIX youth cultural festival in 2020 and later travelled to Chinatown Point in August 2021.




Moo Moo PARK travelling exhibition


Developed by SCCC and The MeshMinds Foundation with support from the United Nations Environment Programme, Moo Moo PARK, Asia’s first drive-through art exhibition completed its journey to 10 shopping malls and community spaces in 2021.



Public lectures


SCCC organised public lectures every month to provide an educational platform for experts to share their knowledge of and research in Chinese Singaporean culture.



Boundaries and Bonds:

An International Conference on Chinese Diaspora


The international conference gathered professors, researchers and scholars from universities in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom to share their research on the Chinese diaspora. It was jointly organised by SCCC, Chinese Heritage Centre, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and School of Social Sciences (NTU).



SINGAPO 人 Online


SCCC brought the SINGAPO 人 exhibition online with a new digital experience!




School Holiday Online Programmes


Our Centre developed and conducted several school holiday online programmes for parents and children. They learnt about Chinese Singaporean culture through engaging activities such as interactive quizzes and craftworks.



Cultural Picture Book Project with
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Chinese Studies


In collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic Chinese Studies students in 2019, SCCC’s Education and Outreach Team developed a set of ten Chinese picture books and lesson plans for children from ages 4 to 12 years to promote the learning of Chinese Singaporean culture.



Outreach to vulnerable groups


Since 2021, SCCC has been conducting virtual and physical tours of the SINGAPO 人 exhibition for vulnerable groups, such as Ren Ci Hospital, St Luke’s ElderCare, Stroke Support Station and MINDS Me Too! Club (MINDS).




Volunteer Guides Recruitment and Training


18 individuals successfully completed a training programme to join SCCC’s pool of about 60 volunteer guides. They conduct our weekend English and Mandarin guided tours of the SINGAPO 人 exhibition, and other special tours .