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My Job My Story

My Job My Story featured individuals and their uncommon professions, and shed light
on how they upheld local Chinese traditions and cultures through their work.

One of Us

The video series paid tribute to the five main dialect groups in Singapore. It highlighted the distinctiveness and commonalities among the dialect groups, by exploring topics from favourite dishes to the insider jokes.

Ways of Being

This heart-warming video series reflects upon ten values ever-present in Singaporeans’ daily lives.


Through the Eyes of a Child: Art by Quek Hong Shin

Through the Eyes of a Child: Art by Quek Hong Shin captured the vanishing collective memories from a time when the artist was growing up in the 1980s. The showcase comprised 14 artworks from his popular book series.



One of Us, All of Us

Drawing from the One of Us video series, the exhibition offered insights into local Chinese dialect cultures through a showcase of 20 personalities featured in the video series.




Life is Sweet: Ang Ku Kueh Girl

The exhibition artworks were inspired by Wang Shijia’s reflections on life’s joys and struggles. Many of her illustrations were based on published works but refreshed with new details and colours.



This sculpture exhibition featured eight new original works created by both established and emerging artists. Their site-specific works responded to the unique space of the Creative Box at SCCC.



Sculpture Walk @ SCCC reTHINGing the Site

Sculpture Walk @ SCCC reTHINGing the Site invited local artists to rethink or “re-THING” their practice. The exhibition comprised works from established and emerging artists of the Sculpture Society Singapore, and loans from the TENG Collection.




Digital Offerings

‘Intermission’ – SCCC’s first podcast series

Through the perspectives of two young SCCC staff members, Shaun and Justin, the podcast series offered light-hearted and thought-provoking insights into Chinese Singaporean culture and identity.



Wednesday Waltz: Three-way Music Conversations

Held every quarter, Wednesday Waltz: Three-Way Music Conversations was co-organised by SCCC and Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Each session brought together musicians and musical groups from different cultures, and explored the diversity of the Singaporean music scene.


CBD Art Trail

Collaborating with corporate partners in the precinct like CapitaLand, the CBD Art Trail offered an exclusive view of corporate art collections in the business district. It was also part of Singapore Art Week.


CultuRediscover Series: Special Tours at the
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

The tour was specially planned for new citizens and non-Singaporeans to better appreciate the distinctiveness of Chinese Singaporean culture.




Partnership with Local Tour Operators

Inside the Chinese Singaporean –
The Evolution of Our Culture and Heritage

The trail brought visitors on a journey to discover Chinese Singaporean culture in our daily lives through a walking trail of architecture, arts and food.



UNESCO Hawker Food Tour:
“Boiled and Braised” in Singapore

The tour explored the definition of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and examined how local Chinese food had been influenced by, re-interpreted and adapted for local communities.




Celebrating Chinese New Year

Festive Fever microsite

Festive Fever was a one-stop platform to help Singaporeans navigate the dos and don’ts of Chinese New Year. The all-in-one microsite provided information on different aspects of Chinese New Year, such as a yusheng guide, festive greetings in Mandarin and dialects,
conversation starters for different generations, origin stories and more.




CNY Red Packet 2022:

Roar into the new year with 5 blessings

76-year-old calligraphy master Yong Cheong Thye and 28-year-old illustrator Toby Tan (Tobyato) collaborated on a set of unique red packet designs for the year of the Tiger. The designs featured digitally stencilled tigers interacting with the fu ( 福 ) greeting written
in five different calligraphy scripts.



Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends Sticker Pack

SCCC collaborated with Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends to release WhatsApp and Telegram sticker packs comprising ten bilingual stickers.