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01 Edutainment Online


Kaki Says

The Kaki Says video series explained the origins of our Chinese festivals in a fun and light-hearted way.

Keeping Traditions Alive

The Keeping Traditions Alive video series showcased the younger generation’s new take on our culture.

Try Leh, Singaporeans

The Try Leh, Singaporeans video series engaged youths to discover the distinctiveness of our Chinese Singaporean culture through language, food and art forms.

My Job My Story

My Job My Story featured individuals and their uncommon professions, shedding light on how they uphold local Chinese traditions and cultures through their work.

Interactive Games

When our hawker culture was successfully inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, we introduced the Go on a Hawker Adventure with us 3-parter game where netizens could learn the steps of making kaya toast and kopi, bak kut teh and Hainanese chicken rice, and the history behind them.

Go on a Zhongyuan Festival Adventure with Xiao Ming invited the public to help Xiao Ming figure out the dos and don’ts when he was out at night during Zhongyuan Festival (also known as Hungry Ghost Festival).

Huat do you say? was a fun game for children and youths to learn what to say to their elders during Chinese New Year.

The Bak Chang Hunt challenged people to search for bak changs while learning some interesting facts about the 
Duanwu Festival.

A fan of Candy Crush? Our followers popped tang yuans in place of candies in our Tangyuan Pop! while learning about origins 
of the Winter Solstice Festival.

02 Celebrate Together

Spring Reception

Close to 250 leaders and friends of our Chinese community gathered to greet one another at our first virtual Spring Reception on Zoom while more than 1,200 netizens viewed the event on Facebook Livestream, co-organised with Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations.


Moo Moo Park

Moo Moo PARK was the first drive-through exhibition in Asia. Our carpark was transformed into an exhibition space for artworks created by local artists who were inspired by the Year of the Ox and sustainability. While riding in electric vehicles, visitors enjoyed seeing the artworks come to life 
through the use of augmented reality technology.


Talking Red Packet

Using augmented reality, our Talking Red Packet featured a cute baby ox that wished everyone “Happy Chinese New Year” in Chinese and the five major local dialects (Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, and Hainanese)!


14th national day Sing-along

With everyone staying at home during the National Day weekend, over 18,000 netizens participated in our 14th National Day Sing-along, which was held online for the first time.


03 Remembering Our Values


We collaborated with Jangandfox to create a series of adorable comics to share 10 family values treasured by Chinese Singaporeans.