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01 Reopening of the SINGAPO人 exhibition

SINGAPO人 Exhibition

Our SINGAPO人 exhibition welcomed over 20,000 visitors since reopening in July last year, after the circuit breaker. Showcasing our complex and ever-changing identity through food, music, popular culture, language and festivals, our exhibition has successfully ignited conversations and reflections about our identity and what makes our Chinese Singaporean culture distinctive.


Hope it remains permanent so I can bring my kids here again when they can read


I really loved the entire flow and content of this exhibition. The thought process of each section was very well put together. It definitely evoked many emotions of nostalgia which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think as a millennial, I’ve forgotten my own roots and stopped being curious as well. I’m glad I came to this exhibition to remind me of my history and my past. Thank you very much


Thank you! It’s a good exhibition for Singaporeans to have a better understanding of our culture and have more respect for each others’ differences


02 Engaging educators and students

We have been engaging educators and students from primary to tertiary levels to explore our distinctive Chinese Singaporean culture through food, language and customs. Our programmes include workshops, guided tours, creation of learning resources and collaborating with schools to produce books and videos.


I used to think Chinese Singaporean simply means Chinese living in Singapore. Now I think that the Chinese Singaporean identity has many influences from other ethnic groups (just like) our local food.

(Secondary 2 student,
Dunman High School)

I used to think that being Chinese Singaporean means that I am just like people from any other ethnic groups. Now I am very proud to be a Chinese Singaporean as my culture has many interesting facts for me to find out and to pass down to younger generations.

(Secondary 3 student,
Nan Chiau High School)
03 Tours for public


Our group of trained docents provided free weekend guided tours at our exhibition, which were very well-received. Guided group tours for corporations and groups are also available.