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TGIF Music Station

Held every first and third Friday of the month, 88 singers and groups from the local and international Mandarin pop scene performed at our TGIF Music Station series this year. Since the concerts were livestreamed across Facebook, Instagram and recently, TikTok, TGIF attracted over 1 million views online in the past year.

Glorious Years

SCCC’s arts tenant TENG Ensemble co-presented the Glorious Years“光辉岁月” music video with the Centre. This 1990 evergreen classic by Hong Kong band Beyond was given a soulful rendition with a touch of East-West fusion.

Music at Monuments
digital music performance series


The Music at Monuments digital music performance series co-presented by SCCC and National Heritage Board cast our iconic built heritage in a different light, and also showcased the diverse talents of our local musicians.

SG:SW 2020 I Write The Songs

Due to the pandemic, the fourth edition of ‘SG:SW 2020 I Write The Songs’ went fully digital. The selection process, masterclasses, talk shows and performances were all held online. The competition, jointly organised by Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS), Ocean Butterflies Music and the Centre, received 322 entries.



Held in a hybrid format for the first time, RE·MIX 2K21 attracted more than 596,000 views and active participation. Many had fun joining the silent disco party or playing escape room games, either online or onsite with their friends. Others participated in the inaugural Fashion Design and RE·MIX the Dance competitions. Other activities included the All Walks of Love exhibition and livestream show SGAG Night ‘Live’ @ RE•MIX created in collaboration with SGAG.



Gimme Ten! Chinese Radio Playwriting Competition

The inaugural Gimme Ten! Chinese Radio Playwriting Competition revived interest in listening to Singapore stories on radio. The project helped to cultivate a new generation of radio playwrights and storytellers.



In Afterwords, calligrapher Malik Mazlan and poet Dave Tai turned waste paper into new canvases. Haiku and calligraphy were inked onto them, creating a multi-layered commentary on the past, sustainability, and growth.


Poetic Strokes

Poetic Strokes featured local calligraphers and poetry. Co-presented with National University of Singapore, the exhibition featured a selection of Singapore’s classical Chinese poetry composed from the 19th century to present day. 10 local calligraphers were invited to write these poems.


Winter Solstice Sonata

Jointly organised with Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO), the Winter Solstice Sonata reunited the orchestra through its first concert since the circuit breaker in 2020. 33 talented musicians from SNYCO performed under the baton of Music Director Quek Ling Kiong and Associate Conductor Moses Gay to present a musical celebration of the Winter Solstice Festival.

Wednesday Waltz: Three-Way Music Conversations

wed waltz cny

Held every quarter, Wednesday Waltz: Three-Way Music Conversations was co-organised by Singapore Chinese Orchestra and SCCC. Each session brought together musicians and musical groups from different cultures and explored the diversity of the Singaporean music scene.