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Commissioned Artworks

commissioned artworks

To showcase local creativity, the Centre commissioned local artists to create original artworks for use on the Centre’s various collaterals and social media platforms.

singapore snack wonderland
By Khor Ke Xin (khorkexin)

This illustration showcases a contrast between traditional Chinese snacks and city life, and draws readers to reflect their roots as Chinese Singaporean.

laugh&belly - masthead (to live in Mar 2021)
By Tan Si Qi (Laughandbelly)

The tongue in cheek illustration presents our familiar kopitiam drinks in humourous and charming ways.

final artwork by clayrene
By Clayrene Chan (Artclaytion)

This artwork weaves elements of Malay batik together with the Chinese qipao, a reflection of the harmonious beauty of our multicultural society.

By Toby Tan (Tobyato)

This playful landscape was inspired by Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, and features familiar Chinese cultural elements including our Centre’s iconic building.

By Lee Xin Li

The artist invites us to immerse ourselves in the details of his artwork, depicting the sights and sounds of Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore.

By Anthony Chong (ANTZ)

Using his signature street art style, ANTZ conveys his hope for youths to find success through perseverance, by pairing the celebratory Big Head Doll with Carps that Jump over the Dragon Gate.

By Malik Bin Mazlan and Lim Hang Kwong

As a collaboration between a Malay calligrapher and Chinese illustrator, this artwork creatively integrates four Chinese words and items associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival.

SCCC invited homegrown illustrators to create artworks that showcase our local Chinese culture through their creative interpretations.

paiseh kopitiam
By Ann Gee Neo

“I took inspiration from traditional Chinese packaging designs and limited the number of colours used to unify the piece of illustration. It was interesting putting all the elements into a cohesive pattern.”

huat kopi-o
By Michael Ng (mindflyer)

“Growing up in Singapore, I always feel that we have a certain value add that make us very unique and Chinese in our own way! What stands out for me besides our CNY lohei is the humble kopi in a tin can! I wish more coffeeshops will use more of that instead of plastic bags for takeaway hot beverages!”

paiseh kopitiam
By Kuan Eng

“Our local Chinese culture is colourful, fun, and unique. My work shows that our local Chinese culture is an integral part of our society. As a Chinese Singaporean, I am proud of who I am and where I come from. Not only do I appreciate and honour my culture, but it also makes me look beyond myself and appreciate the other cultures of my other fellow Singaporeans. This is what makes Singapore a unique place to be in.”

By Caleb Tan

“While working on this project, I learnt how deep Chinese heritage has influenced my Singapore way of life. As an artist, it was a wonderful experience to dive into the meanings behind some of the things around me and how our local culture is incredibly unique with its blend of all the traditions.”

Guides developed with NAFA

Resource Depository

Want to learn more about the artworks placed around the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre? Apart from Sculpture Walk @ SCCC, there are paintings in the Centre for you to discover. Download an activity booklet of your choice and be inspired by the cultural elements at play, as seen through the eyes of local artists. These booklets were conceptualised and designed by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Year 2 Art Teaching students from August to November 2019. Written especially for 13 to 14 years old, they serve as a self-guiding tool for visitors to better appreciate the artworks in the Centre.

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