Art Elective Programme Exhibition 2019

Art Elective Programme Exhibition 2019
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Date: 24 to 30 July 2019
Time: 9am to 6pm


SCCC Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Gallery, Level 2

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Where We Water – Grass Grows Greener, the Art Elective Programme Exhibition (AEPE) 2019 focuses on growth, joy of learning and the integration of technology. It examines the organic and multi-faceted relationships between processes, growth, teaching and learning of students in the AEP amidst complex political, social, cultural and technological transformations. The exhibition uses poetic word-play with the colloquial on human tendencies towards creature comfort, greener pastures and comfort zones. They express the AEP fraternity’s deep appreciation for the counter-intuitive three-part truth of sowing, toiling and reaping.

The AEPE 2019 will be shown through five categories that are metaphors of growth, namely HarvestSprouts and BudsWater and LightHybrids and Roots. The works will show how these passionate students humbled and astonished by resources in and around them, how they empowered them to stretch their capacity to create inspiring works, scale new heights and give back to people around them.

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