Mr. Dong Guo

Mr. Dong Guo
Event Date & Time

16-17 August 2019 | 8pm
17-18 August 2019 | 3pm-5pm
Duration: 60 mins


SCCC Zhong Sheng Jian Recital Studio, Level 6

Event Language

Performance will be conducted in Mandarin.

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In the late Spring and Autumn Period, Zhao Jianzi went on a hunting trip and chanced upon a wolf which he shot with his bow and arrow. The wolf survived and fled despite its wounds. The wolf met a kind scholar named Dong Guo, whom the wolf pleaded with to save its life. Moved by the wolf’s words, Dong Guo helped the wolf by hiding it in his sack and directed Zhao Jianzi onto the wrong path when he asked where the wolf went. However instead of thanking Dong Guo, the wolf tried to eat Dong Guo in return!

Mr. Dong Guo is Paper Monkey Theatre’s adaptation of a Chinese classic story, where children learn about the limitations and consequences of being too nice, while getting to know the art of Teochew Metal Rod Puppetry. Coupled with modern theatrical elements, Mr. Dong Guo will definitely entertain everyone!

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Early Bird sales: 10% discount for tickets purchased before 7th July 2019

Family Package: 10% discount for minimum purchase of 4 tickets

Berries World of Learning: 15% discount for staff and students of Berries World of Learning

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