Nam Hwa Blazes

Presented By: Nam Hwa Opera

Nam Hwa Blazes
Event Date & Time

18 October 2019, Friday


SCCC SCCCI Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7

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Nam Hwa Blazes is an outreach series catered to the ones that enjoy Teochew opera. Organised by one of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Arts Tenants, Nam Hwa Opera, the series have seen participation of more than hundreds of actors to date.

This edition’s Nam Hwa Blazes  “忠、悌、信” would touch on the deeper aspect of reality. It would include 3 classic opera excerpts such as Lin Chong joins the outlaws of Liangshan Marsh, The Farewell as well as Reunion by the Well by Nam Hwa Opera’s actors who would make you awestruck. The point of these 3 excerpts is to emphasize about the importance of having moral in life, through the help of experienced actors who would perform 3 shows consisting of values such as “Loyalty, Respect and Trust”.

Admission of the performance is free. Come and indulge yourself!

A SCCC Venue Partnership Event

Presented By
Nam Hwa Opera

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