Wan Boo Sow Lecture on Chinese Culture

Wan Boo Sow Lecture on Chinese Culture
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Date: 28 April 2018   |   3pm – 5pm


SCCC Auditorium, Level 9

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Topic:  Traditional Chinese Sound Culture: A Scientific Approach

China has a history of 5000 years and a splendid culture, in particular the Chinese sound culture which builds on its long tradition. This lecture introduces the basic form and content of traditional sound culture from the perspective of science. The sound cultures can theoretically be summed up as “Yinlv, law in speech sound”, “Gelv, rhyming”, “Qulv, melody” and “Yuelv, music”. “Yinlv” introduces the phonetic basis of languages in China; The “Gelv” mainly introduces the ancient poetry recitation of different dialects in Chinese, such as ancient Yueyin and Tang style chanting. “Qulv” mainly introduces the phonation and articulation of Kunqu opera, the Mongolian Humai, Tibetan tantric lama chanting, Nani harmony, song Dong, Yi mouth organ, the Rama Bai shake throat, Yi Bimo chanting, miao ancient songs etc. The “music law” is mainly based on the eight tones of Chinese traditional rites and music. It mainly introduces the chime bells, Gu qing (ancient music instrument), chime stone and so on.

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