Zaobao Cultural & Creative Space (March 2019)

Zaobao Cultural & Creative Space (March 2019)
Event Date & Time

Date: 30 March 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 4pm – 6pm


SCCC Zhong Sheng Jian Recital Studio Level 6

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Wang Jiejie is the runner-up of this year’s National Coffee Competition in Singapore. His coffee shop, Compound Coffee Co., freshly bakes coffee beans every day to better control the taste and freshness of the beans. He loves coffee, has a solid knowledge of coffee, and develops a variety of fascinating flavors.

In the upcoming Zaobao Cultural & Creative Space, Wang Jiejie will share with participants the difference between traditional Nanyang coffee and Western fine coffee from the choice of beans, baking method and brewing method. Participants can also try to brew a cup of coffee of their own.

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