Zaobao Cultural & Creative Space (May 2019)

Zaobao Cultural & Creative Space (May 2019)
Event Date & Time

Date: 4 May 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm – 5pm


SCCC Zhong Sheng Jian Recital Studio, Level 6

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Musical instruments are not just mediums of entertainment. The music they produce also has a positive impact on the soul. The same goes for guqin, its music embodies the mission of self-cultivation.

The talk is a sharing session by Dr Kee Chee Koon, who has spent 30 years on studying the guqin and is a renowned guqin musician. He obtained his PhD in guqin from China Conservatory of Music and he is the first guqin PhD holder in China and Singapore. At the upcoming session, Dr Kee will talk about sharing on the art of guqin and the beauty of everyday life through the themes of “art, ambience and language”. The session will include a musical performance and introduce ways to appreciate guqin music.


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