Artists Society of Singapore Grand Art Exhibition 2022 ;

Artists Society of Singapore Grand Art Exhibition 2022 “Vitality”

Artists Society of Singapore Grand Art Exhibition 2022 “Vitality” - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Artists Society of Singapore

Artists Society of Singapore Grand Art Exhibition 2022 “Vitality”

The Artists Society of Singapore (ASOS) continues to encourage young and senior talents to pursue their passion and contribute to the Singapore Art Scene. Hence the theme “Vitality 生命力” for this exhibition.

The society was previously known as Nanyang Artists Society. It is later renamed in 2011 after Mr Ren Jian Hui, a renowned Singapore artist, was elected as the new president. Under Mr Ren’s guidance, we practice three principles – Academicism, Internationalism and Passion.

Academicism – To pursue formalist, technical, and compositional training to set a solid foundation.

Internationalism – The Society is multi-cultural, hence the dynamic of perspectives and beliefs during exchanging ideas.

Passion – Every individual’s life experience and personal worldview are irreplaceable sources of artistic inspiration.

To date, we have nurtured talents and many of our artists have obtained overseas awards.


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Advisory: No age limit.

Event Date & Time

Dec 09, 2022 - Dec 12, 2022

Start Time: 11am
End Time: 7pm (5pm on last day of exhibition)

Duration: 8 hours daily (6 hours on last day of exhibition)

Intermission: No


SCCC Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7

Event Language

Conducted in English & Mandarin

Suitable For

All ages





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