Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2022

Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2022

Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2022 - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2022

This microsite is available for browsing all year round.

Festive Fever is a one-stop platform to help Singaporeans with the dos and don’ts of Chinese New Year. The all-in-one microsite provides information on different aspects of Chinese New Year, such as:

  • – Yusheng guide
  • – Festive greetings in Mandarin and dialects
  • – Conversation starters for different generations
  • – Family tree
  • – Taboos
  • – Origin stories
  • – Activities to do at home and outside during Chinese New Year, including those by SCCC
  • – Snack guide
  • – Quizzes
  • – Chinese New Year songs playlist


Visit the microsite at festivefever.singaporeccc.org.sg/chinese-new-year!


Event Date & Time

Jan 14, 2022

Event Language

English and Mandarin



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