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God of Games (RE•MIX 2K22)

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ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

God of Games (RE•MIX 2K22)

Step into the God of Games! Witness the rebirth and reconciliation of cause and transformation. As five up and coming local artists (Sarah Kaydence, MARIHADALITTLESHEEP, Rene Foo, Keith Chang, and Cheryl Chiw) work alongside urban artist ANTZ, they turn the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), believed to be the foundations of our universe, into distinctive masterpieces inspired by the artists’ experiences and visions combining components of street art and games played in Singapore.

Mentor 导师:

Artist Statement:

Different zones have different stories, moods and elements to tell. Some are ambiguous, some are straight in the face. While adding his iconic monkeys, shapes and texts, the collaborating artist has to strike a nice balance between concepts and still maintain each other’s core message.

Collaborating Artists

Sarah Kaydence
Artwork: Inner Mettle (Metal)

“Inner Mettle” is a kinetic representation of us going through the motions of life. Time always presses play, with no chance for us to hit pause, stop or rewind. All we can do is keep moving forward.  

Artwork: The Course of Life (Wood)

生存之道 (shēng cún zhī dào – “The Course of Life”), embraces sentiment towards experiences and figures that leave indelible marks. Playing on subtle symbolism, the artist believes these create a bigger impact through emotions they evoke, instead of visual representations.

Rene Foo 
Artwork: Be Water, My Friend (Water)

Zero Point was a popular local game played in the past by tying many rubber bands together to form a long chain for players to jump over. Similar to these rubber bands, water can also come together to form a big wave. They are very alike in many ways, it is how we perceive and make out of things. The installation acts as a getaway, allowing you to drown in a state of tranquillity and suggest ways of looking at our lives a little differently.

Keith Chang 张伟俊

A seemingly timeless, yet transient space in and out of the metaverse – CHECKPOINT’s flame is put to the test against movement and wind, exploring the fringes of life and death; and death and life again.

Cheryl Chiw
Artwork: Borrowed Earth

Borrowed Earth emerges from the idea of negotiating balance. Balance negotiating the form-formless equilibrium in the tripartite of space, material and forces. Nothing is fixed or permanent. Viewers are invited to interact in the game of stacking stones and activate a virtual version of the Artwork via QR.


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Event Date & Time

Nov 18, 2022 - Nov 27, 2022

10am to 8pm


SCCC Creative Box, Level 6

Event Language

Conducted in English and Mandarin

Suitable For

All ages





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