Mythology: THE REMIX @ Chinatown Point

Mythology: THE REMIX @ Chinatown Point

Mythology: THE REMIX @ Chinatown Point - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Mythology: THE REMIX @ Chinatown Point

What can Chang Er see from the moon? How does Nezha fight injustice as a digital warrior?

Discover how local artists re-imagine characters from Chinese tradition and mythology for contemporary life!

Travelling to Chinatown Point from 23 August to 26 September, this exhibition was first commissioned by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) for RE•MIX 2020, its annual youth festival.  

SCCC aims to present Chinese heritage through the creativity of our local talents.

Curated by Kult Studio & Gallery (

Featured artists: A Whispering Campaign, Anngee, Antz, arai kreva, Astrid Ana Janseon, Brenda Kay, Brian Melvin Gabrillo, Charmaine Tan, Chua Yixuen, Cyntherea, Dianna Etc, Ebao, erxinta, HelloPigu, JabaOne, Moon Malek, Paynk, Puffingmuffin, Sherwan Rozan, and Sheryo

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Event Date & Time

Aug 23, 2021

10am – 10pm


Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059413

Event Language

English and Chinese

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