Online: The Forefathers Project

Online: The Forefathers Project (Cultural Extravaganza 2022)

Online: The Forefathers Project (Cultural Extravaganza 2022) - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Online: The Forefathers Project (Cultural Extravaganza 2022)

The TENG Ensemble innovates age-old traditions, celebrates Singapore’s unsung Chinese music pioneers and reimagines the sounds that were carried in the hearts of Singapore’s Chinese forefathers.  Presenting a uniquely  Chinese Singaporean identity, the lecture-concert features original works inspired by our diverse local Chinese dialect musical traditions.

Interviewing, documenting, and learning from first-generation masters, luthiers, instrument dealers and proteges from the local Cantonese, Hokkien, Hainanese, Hakka and Teochew music traditions, The Forefathers Project marks an initiative by The TENG Ensemble to reimagine the possibilities of dialect music.

Presented by: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and The TENG Company


Rating: General


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Event Date & Time

Jul 15, 2022 - Oct 01, 2022


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Event Language

English with keypoints provided in Chinese

Suitable For

All ages



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