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Online NHB Community Galleries Forum: Roots and Route from India

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ORGANISED BY : Genealogy Society Singapore, National Heritage Board
SUPPORTED BY: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Online NHB Community Galleries Forum: Roots and Route from India

Family stories, Migration history and Community development

The communities in Singapore has evolved over the years through cultural interaction, geographical influences and public policies here.

Hear from two speakers who will share their knowledge on Indian history, family roots and cultural heritage to have a deeper understanding of Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities.

Speaker 1: Subbiah Lakshmanan, an amateur historian with a passion for colonial history and Indian history. He has also been a museum docent trainer since 2006.

Talk Content:

  • Perspectives on 2,000 years of migration/trading history between India and the Malay Peninsula
  • Founding of Singapore and the India connection
  • Growth of the colony with several waves of immigration
  • The Indian community today and post-independence immigrants


Speaker 2: Jayapal Ramasamy, Chairman at Hallmark Capital, Chairman for Trace Capital and Director/Compliance officer at Chancery Asset Management.

Talk Content:

  • My earlier roots: Family and lineage
  • Family Stories: Racial integration, cultural integration, religious integration and community integration
  • Family’s place in Singapore and contributions


We hope that it will help us not only understand the family cultural heritage, but also have a deeper understanding of our country of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities.

To attend this online talk, please register here:  latest by 4 November at 5pm.

For further enquiries, please contact: KK Lee , 96181003,

Event Date & Time

Nov 06, 2021

4pm to 5.30pm



Event Language

Conducted in English

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