Curious about other stories held by Singapore’s rich food culture? Here’s a list of books for you to bite into!


Title: Nini Eat First, Talk Later (Chinese)
Author: Lai Minwei
Publisher: Singapore: Rojak City Pte Ltd
Year: 2015


Title: Food Hometown (Chinese/English)
Author: Wawa Studios
Publisher: Singapore: Popular Book Co.
Year: 2010


Title: Xunwei “Nan” Banqiu: Shisi Wujiang (寻味”南”半球 : 食肆无疆) 
Author: Cai Lan
Publisher: Qingdao: Qingdao chubanshe
Year: 2018


Title: CHOPE! The Eccentric Lingoes of Singapore’s Kopitiam culture
Publisher: Singapore: The little drom store
Year: 2013


Title: Nonya Heritage Kitchen; Origins, Utensils and Recipes
Author: Ong Jin Teong
Publisher: Singapore: Landmark Books Pte Ltd
Year: 2016


Title: Singapore Chronicles: Food
Author: Sylvia Tan
Publisher: Singapore: Straits Times Press & Institute of Policy studies
Year: 2016


Title: Singapore Food: A Treasury of More than 200 Time-Tested Recipes
Author: Wendy Hutton
Publisher: Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Cuisine
Year: 1989


Title: Singapore Hawker Classic Unveiled: Decoding 25 Favourite Dishes
Author: Temasek Polytechnic
Publisher: Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Cuisine
Year: 2015

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