Choo Clan Association

The Choo Clan Association was established 75 years ago, but its origin dates back to more than a hundred years ago when its pioneers came to Singapore from China. To stay connected and provide mutual support for one another, they met at a four-pillared pavilion on Tiong Bahru Hill every Qingming Festival, during which they offered prayers and paid respects to their ancestors.

Later, to facilitate a permanent meeting place, pioneers Mushun, Guolong, Wulie and Yongchun offered a site they bought in 1946 to the newly established Choo Clan Association at cost price. Officially registered with the Registry of Societies in 1947 and moving into its current address the following year, the association quickly expanded as it offered membership to other Choo descendants from different dialect groups.

To achieve its goals of building on past endeavours, strengthening relations, as well as to have a Choo representative in every Chinese organisation wherever possible, the Choo Clan Association strives to maintain good ties with the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations and its members, as well as other Choo clan organisations around the world. As a reflection of its purpose, the Choo Clan Association will be participating in the Treasures of the Clans with its late adviser Mr. Choo Keng Kwang’s painting, Goldfish.