Kim Mui Hoey Kuan

Pioneers from Kinmen County came to Singapore in the 1860s to earn a living. In 1876, they built Hoo Chay Beow (Fu Ji Temple) to worship Chen Yuan, the founder of Wuzhou, and formed the Kinmen Kongsi to manage temple matters under the direction of its first leader Li Shi Ta. Besides religious worship, the temple also undertook the responsibility of uniting fellow clansmen living in Nanyang. 

Kim Mui Hoey Kuan was officially registered in 1927 with its office set up along Smith Street. In 1986, it relocated to its present site at Keng Lee Road.

Kim Mui Hoey Kuan has actively contributed to their native hometown and local communities for over 150 years. In the early years, they petitioned for Kinmen to be upgraded to a county, started a steamship company, raised funds for disaster relief, apprehended pirates, built transport infrastructure, founded schools, and supported fellow immigrants. In recent years, Kim Mui Hoey Kuan aims to promote Chinese culture and conserve traditional values by preserving the temple’s heritage. Through ancestral worshipping events, it encourages its clansmen to connect with their roots and give to charity. Kim Mui Hoey Kuan is also a strong advocate of racial integration. 

Kim Mui Hoey Kuan will be displaying five artworks, created by fellow clansmen and artists Fu Zizhao, Xu Yunzhi, Dr Khoo Seow Hwa, and Sy Eng Mak. They truly reflect the cultural heritage of the Kinmen people.