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19 June, 2020

Singapore, 19 June 2020 – Dragon Boat Festival, Duanwu Festival, Dumpling Festival – beyond these familiar variations, did you know that the festival was also known as Health Festival? Duanwu was traditionally regarded as an evil month because many people tended to fall sick during the summer solstice, which was the hottest period of the year. To ward off evil spirits, the ancient Chinese ate nutritious rice dumplings, and kept fit by participating in dragon boat races!

To encourage more Singaporeans to engage with our Chinese Singaporean culture, the Centre has specially created Bak Chang Huntan interactive online mini-game where users can learn more about the well-loved festival in a fun and entertaining way.

Set against the Singapore River, Bak Chang Hunt transports users into the thick of dragon boat races, through a panoramic view. Users have to find all 12 hidden changs within 30 seconds, and along the way, uncover facts about the festival. Participants will have the chance to enjoy a 5% discount from Kim Choo Kueh Chang (limited to the first 100 redemptions).

Aside from the mini game, the Centre will be launching two engaging videos on the heritage of Duanwu Festival. From the process of making a rice dumpling, to the myths surrounding the festival, viewers can glean insights on how the festival is celebrated by the Chinese Singaporean community today.

The public can learn more about our Duanwu traditions and customs through the following programmes:

Bak Chang Hunt

Available from 15 June

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Put your hunting skills to the test and find all the hidden rice dumplings with Bak Chang Hunt – an interactive online mini-game by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Learn more about the Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwu – from its origins, to how it is celebrated by the Chinese Singaporean community today, in a fun and entertaining way!


Keeping Traditions Alive; Making Bak Chang

Available from 19 June 2020

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre YouTube

Join Jasmine on an adventure as she learns how to make rice dumplings, or bak chang with her grandmother. In the kitchen, Grandma reveals her secrets of this heritage food – from ways to get that perfect glutinous rice texture, to choosing the best combination of ingredients. Will Jasmine be able to master the technique and prepare bak changs that taste as good as Grandma’s?


Kaki Says: Duanwu Festival animation video

Available from 24 June

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre YouTube

Who is Qu Yuan, and why does the Duanwu Festival commemorate the life and death of this patriotic minister? Why did he choose to end his life, and how did rice dumplings and dragon boats come into the picture? In a fun animation video starring Wu Zixu, Qu Yuan and Cao’E, let SCCC tell you about the legends and myths of how the Duanwu Festival came about!


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