Mid-Autumn Yeah

Date: 13 September 2019, Friday & 14 September 2019, Saturday
Time: 7pm – 10pm (Fri), and 1pm – 10pm (Sat)

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906)
Free admission, certain activities are chargeable

Beyond the popular folklore of Chang’e and Hou Yi, Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the bountiful harvest to come. Join in the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Mid-Autumn Yeah! celebration and reap your own harvest of knowledge by discovering traditions anew and immersing in a feast for the senses with friends and family! Plan a heist to break into the Moon Vault in search of the secret recipe for the Divine Mooncake in an escape-room activity, learn about the secrets of the night sky through a series of planetarium shows; revel in songs that wax lyrical about the moon; or concoct your very own cup of bubble tea while learning about tea traditions. Whether you are a culture buff, someone who wants to learn more about our heritage, or a visitor who simply wants to have an enjoyable time with loved ones, Mid-Autumn Yeah! promises something exciting in store for everyone.

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