2022 Duan Wu Festival

2022 Duan Wu Festival

2022 Duan Wu Festival - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA), Toa Payoh Central Community Club

2022 Duan Wu Festival

Jointly organised by Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and Toa Payoh Central Community Club, the 2022 Duan Wu Carnival returns in the form of the online and offline events. It is also the first time in two years that the organisers have resumed physical activities.


Children and Youth Online Art Contest

With the theme “A Joyous Duan Wu Festival and Happy Family”, this year’s art contest aims to bring out the festive atmosphere of Duan Wu Festival and highlight the harmonious and blissful lives among family members.


Duan Wu Gaming Tournaments


Duan Wu Online Virtual Tour

Another Duan Wu Festival is coming as the fragrance of rice dumplings filled up the air once again. This year, we are going to explore the progression of Duan Wu Festival. How did Duan Wu Festival arise? How did people celebrate Duan Wu Festival in the ancient times? With Chinese immigrants relocating in different countries, how has this shaped the current celebration of Duan Wu Festival?

Register and join our Duan Wu Online Virtual Tour to explore the past and present times of Duan Wu Festival with us!

Click on the link below to pre-register: https://sforce.co/3LTQSby


Duan Wu Online Mini Games


For more information about 2022 Duan Wu Carnival, please visit https://www.duanwucarnival.com/

Event Date & Time

May 22, 2022

Event Language

Conducted in Mandarin

Ongoing Events

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