2022 Sculpture Society (Singapore) Annual Exhibition ;

2022 Sculpture Society (Singapore) Annual Exhibition – ReKindle

2022 Sculpture Society (Singapore) Annual Exhibition – ReKindle - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Sculpture Society (Singapore)

2022 Sculpture Society (Singapore) Annual Exhibition – ReKindle

Sculpture Society (Singapore)’s 2022 annual show, titled “Rekindle”, is a follow up on our previous year’s exploration of the current state of sculptural and three-dimensional practice in Singapore. Through this exhibition, SSS aims to nudge our members forward: to be reinspired, to re-spark their creativity, to rekindle passion, to explore unfamiliarity: from artistic directions to style, from methods to materials used. To rekindle not just within the arts industry but also to reconnect the sculpture art scene with the community.

For more info, visit www.sculpturesociety.org.sg.

Event Date & Time

Sep 15, 2022 - Sep 19, 2022

15 – 18 September: 11am to 8pm
19 September: 11am to 7pm


SCCC Creative Box, Level 6

Event Language

Conducted in English

Suitable For

All ages



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