Boh Beh Zao: Dialect Illustrations by Kuan Eng

Boh Beh Zao: Dialect Illustrations by Kuan Eng

Boh Beh Zao: Dialect Illustrations by Kuan Eng - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Boh Beh Zao: Dialect Illustrations by Kuan Eng

How do you teach Hokkien to a six-year-old boy?

Kuan Eng’s personal quest to teach his nephew to speak Hokkien led him to revive interest in dialects amongst Singaporeans. To date, he has published 11 books on dialects.

The exhibition showcases artworks from his first series of dialect books. Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese were chosen as they are the five main dialects spoken in Singapore. Quite possibly Singapore’s first dialect pictorial books for children, they feature illustrations of everyday objects and insects.

Rating: General

Event Date & Time

Jul 08, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023

9am – 10pm


SCCC Level 9 & 10 Foyer

Event Language

Texts in English and Chinese

Suitable For

All ages



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