Classic Hainan Opera – The Top Scholar Zhang Wen Xiu

Classic Hainan Opera – The Top Scholar Zhang Wen Xiu

Classic Hainan Opera – The Top Scholar Zhang Wen Xiu - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Chinese Opera Ensemble

Classic Hainan Opera – The Top Scholar Zhang Wen Xiu

The story plot of “The Top Scholar Zhang Wen Xiu” is having one climax after another, and the singing is diverse and interesting. There are both euphemistic and tortuous as well as soft and delicate refrains. According to the story plot, the performers use multi-level processing of timbre, rhythm and emotion to sing into the drama story to highlight the changes in order to delicately portray the characteristic of every characters.


As the proverb says art always comes from the life and it is more than life; even it is more than life, it cannot be separated from life. Hainan Opera, the quintessence of Hainan’s native literature and art, is rooted in the folk and blossoms all around the world. It is a common art form that is popular within audiences.


As a young group in Singapore’s local Hainan Opera circle, Chinese Opera Ensemble once again is going to gather those local Hainan Opera talents from varies generations to present the whole full-length classic Hainan Opera repertoire “The Top Scholar Zhang Wen Xiu” to comfort the local Hainan Opera audiences who had fought the epidemic for long time.

Contact us at or call 9277 6064 to find out more!

Event Date & Time

Apr 09, 2023 - Apr 09, 2023

9 Apr 2023: 3pm – 5pm

Duration: 2 Hours
Intermission: Yes


SCCC Auditorium, Level 9

Event Language

Hainanese with English & Chinese subtitles



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