Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2023 ;

Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2023

Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2023 - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Festive Fever: CNY The SG Way 2023

This microsite is available for browsing all year round.

Still trying to figure out the Chinese New Year practices, festive greetings and how to address your relatives? Festive Fever is SCCC’s one-stop information portal which contains all the know-how to help Singaporeans navigate the intricate Chinese New Year practices.

From the yusheng guide to taboos, the all-encompassing online guide provides the knowledge you will need for Chinese New Year, including recommended playlists to get you into the celebratory mood. 

The all-in-one microsite provides information on different aspects of Chinese New Year, such as:

  • – Yusheng guide
  • – Festive greetings in Mandarin and dialects
  • – Conversation starters for different generations
  • – Family tree
  • – Taboos
  • – Origin stories
  • – Activities to do at home and outside during Chinese New Year, including those by SCCC
  • – Snack guide
  • – Chinese New Year playlists


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Event Date & Time

Jan 04, 2023 - Jan 04, 2024

Event Language

English and Mandarin

Suitable For

All ages





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