Hainan Opera – The Butterfly Lovers ;

Hainan Opera – The Butterfly Lovers

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ORGANISED BY : Chinese Opera Ensemble

Hainan Opera – The Butterfly Lovers

“The Butterfly Lovers” is a well-known classic traditional opera repertoire. This Hainan Opera “The Butterfly Lovers” presented by Chinese Opera Ensemble is an adaptation of this traditional classic opera. While obeying the tradition in Hainan Opera singing, the performers also incorporate new elements into the choreography. In this performance, young performers are boldly selected to perform on the same stage with veterans. Two young actors Daniel Foo Shyh Hua and Liu Huimin play the two protagonists in the first three scenes, while the last three scenes are performed by veteran performers Jack Peng Ngiap Hwa and Li Xiaoyu. Two pairs of performers to present the complete character image together. The new faces and familiar voices not only refresh the audience, but also reflect the inheritance of traditional opera from generation to generation.

Only guests who have successfully completed their COVID-19 vaccination by 16 October 2021 are allowed to enter the theatre.

For enquiries, please email coe0217@gmail.com.

Event Date & Time

Oct 30, 2021



SCCC Auditorium, Level 9

Event Language

Conducted in Hainanese with English and Mandarin subtitle

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