Nam Hwa Blazes: The Sound Of Teochew Music

Nam Hwa Blazes: The Sound Of Teochew Music

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ORGANISED BY : Nam Hwa Opera

Nam Hwa Blazes: The Sound Of Teochew Music

Nam Hwa Blazes is BACK for another glorious season!

Kicking things off, it’s our very own Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble, bringing a wonderful afternoon with “The Sound Of Teochew Music”.

In the earlier days, when our ancestors moved to Singapore from Chaoshan area in China, they brought in the traditional “Waijiang” music and “Waijiang” opera, which came from a long history of palace music and palace opera.  It was passed from the North to the South of China to the Teochew area so it was called “Waijiang” music (literally “music from beyond the river”). And when it traveled to Guangdong, it was called “Han” music. For such ancient music, our Teochew ancestors constantly strived to change, improve and innovate to make it the new Teochew music that we know and hear today.

In Singapore, a lot of the amateur music troupes used to play “Waijiang” music.  Later, with the rise of Teochew opera, Teochew music became mainstream. “Waijiang” music has then been fading out.

In this show, we are bringing back both “Waijiang” music and Teochew music, sharing the beauty of both music styles that share the same root.

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Event Date & Time

Aug 13, 2023 - Aug 13, 2023


Duration: 1hr45mins
No intermission.


SCCC Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7

Event Language

Conducted in Mandarin

Suitable For

All ages


Free, Pre-registration required



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