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Online: The Warlords

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ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Ding Yi Music Company

Online: The Warlords

More than 2000 years ago, chaos broke out once again following the demise of the Qin dynasty. Xiang Yu, the King of (Western) Chu, engaged in a battle with Liu Bang from the Han, which resulted in the Chu-Han Contention (War) that went down in history.

With unrest raging all over, every move is a treacherous step that will decide the fate of the empire. With rebellions from everywhere vying to take over the throne, what is to become of the empire and its people?

Combining traditional Chinese chamber music and theatrical elements in this performance, join Ding Yi and theatre director, Danny Yeo, as they present to you the classic Chu-Han Contention (War) through songs of the warlords.


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Event Date & Time

Oct 22, 2022


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Event Language

Conducted in Mandarin with English subtitles

Suitable For

All ages





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