[Extended] Poetic Pandemic (Cultural Extravaganza 2022)

[Extended] Poetic Pandemic (Cultural Extravaganza 2022)

[Extended] Poetic Pandemic (Cultural Extravaganza 2022) - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

[Extended] Poetic Pandemic (Cultural Extravaganza 2022)

From the vacuum of Covid isolation pours forth deep and frustrating desires to connect, break free, retreat, and reach out in turns. Poetic Pandemic is a rich expression of those intermingled desires, a multi-modal exhibition where original music, calligraphy and literature come together in intimate collaboration. 

Enter the Creative Box of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and traverse 15 cultural islands that will unbox your pandemic-bottled inner voice. Immerse your senses in the poetry of Dr Ng King Kang, recited by actor Andie Chen and translated into calligraphy by Alan Tan Jwee Meng. The myriad experiences are wrapped in an atmospheric electro-ethnic score composed by SAtheCollective.

Immerse yourself in this definitive showcase of how art is richer when it doesn’t live alone. Verses are translated into English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, and a digital exhibition is available for those unable to attend in person.  Admission is free.

Presented by: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and SAtheCollective


Rating: General


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Event Date & Time

Jun 30, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022

10am – 8pm



SCCC Foyer, Level 7
Online exhibition:27 May to 27 Aug 2022

Event Language

Texts in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil

Suitable For

All ages



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