September 2023 School Holiday Programme - Traditional Life Values Series

Sept 2023 School Holiday Programme – Traditional life values series: Forgotten legend of the Ghost-Busting Bros

Sept 2023 School Holiday Programme – Traditional life values series: Forgotten legend of the Ghost-Busting Bros - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Sept 2023 School Holiday Programme – Traditional life values series: Forgotten legend of the Ghost-Busting Bros

Dear parents, our children know the stories of Cinderella, Marvel Heroes and Harry Potter.

But what about stories from our own culture, the legends that gave our ancestors hope and strength amid the hardships they faced?

These stories make us who we are. Let’s make sure we pass them down to the next generation too!

In this new series of workshops, we help modern kids fall in love with ancient legends and discover how the life values they embody continue to be important in their lives.

We use role-play, unique props, original games, immersive story-telling, music & movement, and personal reflections to help your child connect with these often-inaccessible ancient legends, literature and philosophies.

In our September edition, which coincides with the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, we will share a forgotten legend associated with this anxiety-causing festival that is deeply meaningful, but little understood.  


Activities include:

– Reflection activity on finding opposites in the world around us and understand the concept of Yin and Yang, the delicate balance of life. 

– Original game on “Life Is A Balancing Act” involving 1m-long sticks, teaching children how in life, when we want something, we may have to let go of something else.  

– Introduction to the legend of the First and Second Grand-uncles, a touching ancient tale of faith and righteousness.

– Introduction to the legend of an even lesser-known character: Third Grand-uncle, and his origin story that demonstrates the importance of filial piety.

– What is the meaning of the 戴孝 ritual, done at the funerals of our loved ones to show how much we love them? We will guess what the different colours of the tiny cloth badges we wear at funerals mean, and how they remind us of our family ties.

– Original game using abacus (the traditional calculator) on how good and evil are rewarded and punished. Realise that even when we make mistakes, we can always try to make up for it.

Parents are encouraged to set aside about 30 min after the workshop to visit the SINGAPO人 exhibition at level 2 on their own to reinforce the learning outcomes.


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Non-religious and taught in bilingual format (blend of English & Mandarin). For all enquiries, please email

Event Date & Time

Sep 04, 2023 - Sep 04, 2023

2pm – 4pm


SCCC Practice Room, Level 10

Event Language

Conducted in English and Mandarin

Suitable For

5 - 10 years old



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