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ORGANISED BY: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore Art Week

Singapore Arts Week 2020 – ”The Journey of Minds: Chinese Modernity and Chinese Ink-Painting in Singapore” – Talk by Dr. Woo Fook Wah

 “The Journey of Minds: Chinese Modernity and Chinese Ink-Painting in Singapore” traces the journey of modern visual arts in Singapore. After the fall of the Qing dynasty, the need for renewal had triggered many Chinese scholars including artists to travel abroad in search for modernity that could be appropriate for the, then newly liberated China. Singapore, being a popular transit point and having a large Chinese migrant population, benefited from the knowledge that the artists had acquired.

The art scene in Singapore was vibrant even before the second world war. After the War, the art practice in Singapore was further developed. We have new migrant artists from China that had made Singapore their homes and they were enthusiastically sharing their knowledge while they explored their new surroundings, which they called Nanyang.

As time passes, Singapore began to take a journey of its own as artists began to further develop the ideas that this unique city-state offered with its multi-racial and multi-cultural outlooks. The research discovered that a new oeuvre of art-works in Chinese-ink genre seemed to have emerged. Hence, the focus was directed to look at examples of this innovation and asking if this oeuvre of artworks can be considered in specific as Singapore Chinese-Ink Paintings.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Woo Fook Wah’s interest in art got him to begin painting in oil from 2003 under the instruction of Wee Shoo Leong. Together with friends, they organized an art exhibition at Baskar Art Academy entitled “Uniquely Little India” in 2008. That interest led him to join the Singapore Art Society as a life member. The art interest intensified and he went on to study art history and was awarded a Master of Art in Asian Art Histories by the University of London, Goldsmith College. He began writing as an Art critic/historian. He also curated the NS 50 Art Exhibition and the Singapore Bicentennial cum Singapore Art Society 70 Years Anniversary Art Exhibition. He also maintains a collection of artworks and aspires to understand and enjoy art beyond just the aesthetic aspect and hope that he can share that enjoyment with others at home and abroad.

Event Date & Time

Jan 18, 2020

10am – 11am


SCCC Zhong Sheng Jian Recital Studio, Level 6

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