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The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is a classic Chinese opera that has withstood the test of time and remained popular till this day. Set in around 900AD in ancient China, the story is about Li Yaoqi and his reunion with his mother.

Shortly after Liu Zhiyuan and Sanniang were wedded, Zhiyuan was forced to join the army in Shanxi. Sanniang, being left alone at home, was abused by her elder brother Li Hong and his wife and made to carry water by day and push the stone mill by night. One night, Sanniang gave birth to a baby boy alone and named him Yaoqi. The malicious Li Hong and his wife transpired to drown Yaoqi. Fortunately, Yaoqi was saved by the housekeeper, Dou Tong. In order to save the boy from Li Hong, Dou Tong sent Yaoqi to Zhiyuan’s camp. Zhiyuan, who was made to believe that Sanniang had died, was already married to Yue Xiuying and was hesitant to take in his son. After hearing Sanniang’s story, Xiuying was moved and agreed to take in Yaoqi.

Sixteen years later, Yaoqi, now a grown man, led his troops on a hunting trip and was chasing down a white rabbit when he saw the now-haggard Sanniang. After hearing Sanniang’s grievances, Yaoqi went home and sought the truth from his father. Zhiyuan, tearing after learning of Sanniang’s experiences, told Yaoqi the truth. Upon learning this, Xiuying persuaded Zhiyuan to order his son to bring back Sanniang and the family was finally reunited.

We have invited actors from China to join our cast in Singapore to bring this classic Teochew story to life.


To purchase tickets or enquiries, you may contact us at or call 69040030 to find out more! Tickets are selling fast!

Event Date & Time

Mar 04, 2023 - Mar 05, 2023

4 Mar 2023: 7pm – 9pm
5 Mar 2023: 3pm – 5pm

Duration: 2 Hours
Intermission: No


SCCC Auditorium, Level 9

Event Language

Teochew with English & Chinese subtitles


$20, $30



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