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Breathing new life into our family values through Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s latest collaboration with local cartoonist JangandFox

Jang and Fox Chinese Value Kindness

Jang-and-Fox-Chinese-Value-Kindness-2-Chinese-scaledjang and fox chinese value kindness 2

Image credit to Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Singapore, 13 October 2020 – Known for their whimsical drawings in soft colours, popular local illustrator JangandFox’s works often showcase the simple joys in life. Commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), JangandFox creates a brand-new series that showcases Chinese Singaporean culture through the heart-warming encounters of Little Otter and his friends around Singapore.

From 13 October 2020, members of the public can visit SCCC’s website to enjoy 60 vibrant sketches, available in both English and Chinese, that are based on ten key family values featured at the SCCC’s permanent exhibition SINGAPO 人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture. These ten values are: loyalty 忠, filial piety 孝, kindness 仁, love 爱, considerate behaviour 礼, righteousness 义, honesty 廉, shame 耻, thrift 俭 and perseverance 毅. Whilst many of these values are universal, the Chinese community has, over the years, come to treasure and pass them down through the generations in various ways such as popular Chinese tales like Kong Rong that promotes considerate behaviour, and festivals like Qing Ming where filial piety takes centrestage. These sketches will be uploaded progressively on a weekly basis.

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Chief Executive Officer Low Sze Wee shared, “Through these delightful illustrations by JangandFox, ten key family values have been translated into simple everyday scenarios. These values shape the way that we live and interact with each other in our local community. These had led to our distinctive local Chinese culture. We hope that these illustrations provide accessible entry points for both young and old to learn and appreciate what these values mean, and how they can be a source of strength in these trying times, and guide us towards a kinder and more inclusive society.”

Those interested to learn more about these values, and their role in shaping our Chinese Singaporean culture, can visit the SINGAPO 人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture exhibition. In particular, the exhibition’s Zone 2: Beyond Generations invites visitors to discover values treasured and passed down through generations of Chinese families in Singapore, both at home and through festivals. The displays feature the heart-warming stories by ordinary Singaporeans who share how values such as filial piety, perseverance and kindness have shaped their lives.

Visitors to the exhibition may also join free guided tours in groups of five, led by specially trained volunteer-docents. The tours, which lasts about 45 minutes, are available on Saturdays and Sundays, at 3pm (English tour) and 4pm (Mandarin tour). Slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Interested visitors may sign up at the registration desk near the entrance of the exhibition.

SCCC is committed to maintaining a safe environment for the public. The Centre was recently awarded the SG Clean quality mark – an acknowledgement of our high sanitation and hygiene standards.


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