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Commissioned singing red packet by SCCC and local talents made waves in Shanghai to spread Chinese New Year joy

Singapore, 11 February 2019 – The ‘singing red packet’ commissioned by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) made its debut at Crystal Galleria in Shanghai today at a Chinese New Year-themed event. Designed by local illustrator Ah Guo, with an original song The Lo Hei Song《捞鱼生》by composer-pianist Peng Chi Sheng, the limited-edition red packet pays tribute to Singapore Chinese culture by featuring the popular local New Year dish yusheng.

Mr Low Sze Wee, Chief Executive Officer of SCCC said, “We are happy to be invited to share our distinctive Chinese New Year practice of tossing yusheng through SCCC’s singing red packet. This is a reflection of the continual evolution of culture. The custom of eating raw fish is believed to have originated in Guangdong in the 19th century. Local Cantonese chefs in Singapore in the 1960s then made it into a popular New Year dish by including different ingredients and practices. This special Singapore custom is now making its way back to China, through this showcase of our local artistes, namely Ah Guo who created the red packet illustration, and composer-pianist Peng Chi Sheng who composed The Lo Hei Song《捞鱼生》for the illustration.”

Khim Goh, Regional Director, Asset Management at Phoenix Property Investors, which owned Crystal Galleria, shared on the partnership, “Tossing yusheng during Chinese New Year is common in Singapore. Hence, this is the third year we are organising this Chinese New Year activity at my shopping mall to introduce yusheng to celebrate the festive occasion with our patrons in Shanghai. We are also glad to have representatives from Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre to join us this year on the seventh day of Chinese New Year.”

Besides featuring the illustrations by Ah Guo at the event, LimTayPeng, led by Peng Chi Sheng, also performed The Lo Hei Song and other Singapore music compositions to entertain patrons who were invited to toss to prosperity, with yusheng on this seventh day of Chinese New Year, traditionally known as ren ri, or everyone’s birthday.

A Taste of Singapore Lo Hei for Shoppers at Shanghai Mall


Chinese New Year Event at Crystal Galleria in Shanghai featuring SCCC’s commissioned singing red packet


LimTayPeng performing The Lo Hei Song at Crystal Galleria in Shanghai


Members of the public tossing lohei as part of the Chinese New Year event at Crystal Galleria in Shanghai


Illustrations by Ah Guo featured at the Chinese New Year event at Crystal Galleria in Shanghai


Khim Goh, Regional Director, Asset Management at Phoenix Property Investors sharing on the partnership with SCCC


Members of the public receiving the singing red packet commissioned by SCCC


Members of the public joining in the Chinese New Year event at Crystal Galleria in Shanghai


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