Electrify My World – A play of Man Made Miracles

Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre co-present Electrify My World – A play of Man Made Miracles

Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre co-present Electrify My World – A play of Man Made Miracles - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre co-present Electrify My World – A play of Man Made Miracles

SINGAPORE – To mark the end of Nine Years Theatre’s production season this 9th anniversary, the company is presenting Electrify My World, an original work written and directed by 4-time award-winning director, Nelson Chia. The original cast of First Fleet and Lear Is Dead – Jodi Chan, Mia Chee, Shu Yi Ching, Hang Qian Chou, Neo Hai Bin, and Timothy Wan join hands once again to bring forward a brilliant performance about one man’s ambition and aspiration against another’s. This is another production co-presented by Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre following the success of their earlier collaboration, First Fleet.

Inspired by historical events, the play centres around the controversial feud between two scientists, Thomas Edison (Timothy Wan) and Nikola Tesla (Neo Hai Bin). In a period where scientists were rapidly developing new inventions constantly, what does it take for a genius to realise his ambition? Is pure genius all it takes to achieve one’s aspiration, or does it take more? Through the conflict between the two scientists, famous for their debate on using different current electrical systems to light up New York city, audiences will follow an emotional and intellectual journey into the unspoken fears behind all their brilliance. As Edison and Tesla battle against each other in a race to light up New York, and possibly the world in this power-charged play, audiences will be jolted into seeing Science and Humanity in a new light.

Chia has also weaved surprising encounters between the two scientists and other characters in this original script – such as Mary Shelly, author of the novel Frankenstein, and a Pigeon! These characters, who are the manifestations of the scientists’ state of mind, will be interacting with them throughout the play.

Taking place at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) SCCCI Multi Purpose Hall, the production features a unique theatre-in-the-round set where audience members will be seated around a circular platform designed by Petrina Dawn Tan. The column-free hall also offers more flexibility for an unconventional set design. Commenting on the set design, Chia shared, “The concept behind the design and staging is inspired by the vaudeville format popular in the 1870s, and having the actors perform on a 360 degrees stage set-up is perfect to highlight themes of showmanship that the play’s characters put on for the world.”

The play also features designs by Nine Years Theatre’s familiar collaborators Liu Yong Huay Faith (Lighting Design) and Ng Jing (Sound Design). Following the success of Three Sisters, Electrify My World will mark the second time Nine Years Theatre is collaborating with the costume design-duo, Yuan Zhiying, and Jacqueline Teo. Borrowing from both period elements as well as contemporary fashion, the duo will be designing costumes from scratch to set the actors in the fantastical world which spans across different eras.

On collaborating with NYT once again, SCCC’s CEO Low Sze Wee said, “This is our second collaboration with NYT. They have produced high quality plays that explore diverse themes and thought provoking content. Electrify My World will feature a unique stage design and we look forward to seeing our Multi-Purpose Hall transformed into a stunning theatre space!”

Nine Years Theatre’s popular 9-Fan and Gen-9 membership schemes have also been brought back by popular demand for this show. New 9-Fan members can enjoy a special price of $28 when purchasing a single ticket, and 15% discount for subsequent tickets. The benefits for Gen-9 Membership Club continue for members aged 16 – 25 years old, who will get to purchase a single ticket at $18.

PAssion Card, NTUC Card, SAFRA Card, HomeTeamNS members can enjoy 10% off.

Senior Citizen, students, National Servicemen NSF can also enjoy 10% off.

Electrify My World will be performed at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7 from 08 – 17 October 2021. Tickets will be on sale at all SISTIC outlets and online channels from $38 onwards (not inclusive of SISTIC charge). For more information, visit http://www.nineyearstheatre.com/emw.

Book now at SISTIC! https://www.sistic.com.sg/events/electrify1021


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