RE•MIX Returns With A Variety Of Exhibitions

RE•MIX Returns With A Variety Of Exhibitions, Performances, Bazaar, Street Dance And Many Other Fun Activities

RE•MIX Returns With A Variety Of Exhibitions, Performances, Bazaar, Street Dance And Many Other Fun Activities - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

RE•MIX Returns With A Variety Of Exhibitions, Performances, Bazaar, Street Dance And Many Other Fun Activities

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SINGAPORE, 1 November 2022 – Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) will be presenting RE•MIX 2K22, a youth cultural festival over 2 weekends from 18 to 27 November 2022. RE•MIX was first held in 2020 as an entry point for youths to learn more about Chinese Singaporean culture and spark their interest to embark on their own cultural journey. 

RE•MIX 2K22 offers 9 on-site programmes for visitors to discover a fresh take on our distinctive Chinese Singaporean culture through a wide array of fun activities such as art exhibitions, street dance competitions, Escape Room game, music concerts, bazaar and more. The various activities will take place at different levels of the SCCC building. All the events are free for all members of the public.


MUSIC: A Fusion of Chinese Culture with Pop Music and Street Dance

Music lovers can rejoice in a stellar line-up of music programmes featuring local singers and aspiring dancers. 


TGIF Music Station (RE•MIX Edition) 

The festival will kick off with a special edition of our popular TGIF Music Station (RE•MIX Edition). The line-up for this RE•MIX Edition will feature talented homegrown artistes such as Romeo Tan, Ayden Sng, Arya Yunata, Xxmxrcs, Yanni Ruth and Jeff Ng.  

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齐: A Night of Electro-Fusion Dance Music

齐: A Night of Electro-Fusion Dance Music is put together by local music producer and erhu player, Likie Low. She is known for her niche music style that fuses traditional Chinese music roots with classical, electronic dance and brass music. Her most recent notable performance was at the Huayi Festival this year, where she combined an exciting blend of electronic dance music (EDM) compositions with a live wind ensemble. At 齐: A Night of Electro-Fusion Dance Music, participants can groove to the beat of catchy melodies of Chinese orchestral pieces with the sounds of brass and Chinese instruments incorporated into head banging elements of electronic dance music. 

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RE•MIX The Dance 精锐之舞

From 26 to 27 November, dance enthusiasts will gather their best crew and gear up for SCCC’s REMIX The Dance. This is a collaboration between two leading dance schools in Singapore, O School and Artistate. The performances express a love of Chinese culture through trendy dance styles and pop songs. Catch the incredible pool of talented young dancers as they face off in a battle of choreographed street dance routines. 

remix the dance

ART: Youth Spin on Local Chinese Culture

Art enthusiasts are in for a treat with RE•MIX 2K22’s exciting lineup of art exhibitions presented by acclaimed local artists and students from local institutions. The 4 exhibitions are as follows: 

lowKEY nua 

To encourage greater awareness and appreciation for local music, lowKEY nua offers viewers a glimpse into the life of an aspiring singer-songwriter. The exhibition idea was initiated by a group of 5 passionate students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic who hope to raise awareness of local music among Singaporeans. 


God of Games

God of Games presents a series of masterpieces by artist ANTZ, who is known for his distinctive style inspired by his interest in Chinese culture. ANTZ is joined by curator MARIHADALITTLESHEEP, who is known for exploring a variety of art forms from visual arts to music, dance and theatre, and other artists. The exhibition is inspired by the artists’ own experiences, brought to life through a combination of street art and local games.

east meets west

Flavours on Call

The exhibition is curated by Lasalle student Ong Leang Ren, who embarked on a personal journey to learn more about local Chinese culture and his ancestral stories. Through this exhibition, Leang Ren hopes to raise awareness and educate the younger generation about our local Chinese banquet culture. 

flavours on call

Samfoo: Re-imagined in Modern Singapore

Look forward to Samfoo: Reimagined in Modern Singapore by crochet artist, Hayley Sim from Softly Made Cottage. With her installation, Hayley aims to spotlight a modernised version of Samfoo while retaining its traditional elements that are less familiar to the younger generation. The installation features commissioned Samfu crochet-inspired pieces which express its own story of modern living in Singapore through the choice of yarn blend, colours, silhouette and the feminine form.

samfoo exhibition

Mythology ReLooked online video (RE·MIX Edition)

The popular urban art exhibition Mythology RElooked presented at SCCC’s Cultural Extravaganza in May 2022 is back at RE•MIX 2K22 – this time in an online video format! Watch how our local artists bring Chinese mythological characters to life with a contemporary twist! Are you ready to meet them and relive their epic stories in unique and exciting ways?


PLAY: Re-Presenting Classic Chinese Tale 

Thrill seekers are guaranteed an immersive experience that will set their hearts pumping and brains tingling.


Presenting Odyssey to the West, an Escape Room inspired by the well-loved Chinese adventure, Journey to the West. Transport back to a mythical era and play the roles of iconic characters such as Sun Wukong, Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. Follow them and embark on an adventure to obtain artefacts needed to overcome various calamities. 


BAZAAR: Fusion of Eastern and Western Culture  


RE•MIX: When East Meets

Inspired by the colourful and vibrant cultures around us, REMIX: When East Meets. shows how Eastern culture has blended with Western culture to form the unique society that we live in today.

east meets west

For more information on the programmes, please refer to the factsheet attached here.


RE•MIX Mahjong set 

Apart from the various exciting programmes, the public can also look forward to winning a specially designed mahjong set tailored to encapsulate the essence of RE•MIX 2022. This limited-edition mahjong set consists of 148 artisanally-decorated tiles in black and gold, inspired by the Chinese character “锐” from RE•MIX‘s Chinese title “锐•MIX”. Stay tuned to our social media for details on the giveaway.


RE•MIX 2K22 will be held at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre from 18 to 27 November 2022. For more information, please visit



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