Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing (Media Factsheet)

Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing (Media Factsheet)

Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing (Media Factsheet) - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing (Media Factsheet)

In celebration of Sculpture Society (Singapore)’s 20th Anniversary, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) and Sculpture Society (Singapore) co-present “Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing”, a year-long sculpture exhibition atvarious locations of SCCC.

Consisting of 11 artworks from a mix of 10 pioneer and up-and-coming artists such as the late Mr Ng Eng Teng, Ms Han Sai Por, Mr Chua Boon Kee, Mr Yeo Chee Kiong, Mr Sun Yu Li and Mr P. Gnana, etc., experience how sculptures or 3D works intervene with their material form in the different spaces at SCCC. A special selection of artworks by important and established artists Mr Ng Eng Teng and Ms Han Sai Por is also from The Teng Collection, under a courtesy loan from local collectors Teng Jee Hum and June Ong.

These exhibitions will be at Level 1, Level 9, and Level 10 of SCCC, from now till August 2022. Admission is free.


Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing List


Sculpture Name Sculptor
I Believe I Can Fly Leslie Sim
Summer Dream (Lifesize 2021) Yeo Chee Keong
Dog Cassandra Lim
Horse P. Gnana
In Conversation Sun Yu Li
Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom And Faith Chua Boon Kee
Torso To Face (Female), 1999 Ng Eng Teng
Breaking Free
Happy Warriors Justin Lee
Seed Han Sai Por
My National Flower Loo Lian Fong, Joyce

Sculpture Walk@SCCC: reTHINGing – Sculpture Details


I Believe I Can Fly – Leslie Sim

sculpture-2  Description:

“I Believe I Can Fly” was created by Leslie Simin 2021.

What does this sculpture remind you of? Nowlook closely at the cubes. Are they shiny ormatte? What feelings do they evoke?

 We are now living in the digital age withartificial intelligence, which is represented by these cubes.

 The artwork is durable and weatherproofbecause it is made of aluminium withpolyurethane coating. What do you think thissays about the period we are living in?

 Size (L x W x H): 110cm x 70cm x240cmMaterials: Aluminium with PU paint coatingYear Produced: 2021

Location: Level 1

 Summer Dream (Lifesize 2021) – Yeo CheeKeong
sculpture-5  Description:

“Summer Dream” was created by Yeo CheeKiong in 2021 using resin and stainless steel.

 Observe these figures. Imagine that they are basking on the beach. What kind of poses have they adopted? What do you think the different colours represent?

 These sleek sculptures look lightweight, unlike the fleshy nature of human bodies.

 If you could have a summer dream during the pandemic, what would it be?

 Size (L x W x H): 50cm x 60cm x 140cm

Materials: Resin, Wood

Year Produced: 2021

Location: Level 9

 Dog – Cassandra Lim
sculpture-8  Description:

“Dog” was created by Cassandra Lim in 2020using stainless steel.

 Imagine you are at the beach. Walk to thewater and observe the ripples around yourfeet as the waves head towards you. How do you feel? Who else can be at the beach?

 The artist was inspired by a dog she saw playing by the beach.

 Go closer to the sculpture. What do you see? Move left and right. Does your reflection ebb and flow like waves?

 Size (L x W x H): 80cm x 50cm X 100cm

Materials: Stainless Steel

Year Produced: 2020

Location: Level 10

 Horse – P. Gnana



“Horse” was created by P. Gnana in 2021 using car and motorcycle parts with mixed media.

 Once used in ancient battles, horses are regarded as symbols of strength, endurance and power.

 Observe the horse’s body.

 Car grilles, which allow air to enter and exit the vehicle, are given a second lease of life as the lungs of the horse. What items can you use at home to give them a new meaning?

 Do horses look like this in the natural world?Try describing this horse to a friend!

 Size (L x W x H): 303cm x 70cm x 176cmMaterials: Recycled Materials – Mixed MediaYear Produced: 2021

Location: Level 1

In Conversation – Sun Yu Li
sculpture-1  Description:

“In Conversation” was created with fibreglass by Sun Yu Li in 2010.

This work reflects the connections we have with one another.

Why do you think the artist created a pair of sculptures instead of one?

Look at any point on the sculpture’s edge, and follow the line along the artwork. What do you notice about this line?

Do this with a friend. Do you meet each other? What kind of conversation did you have?

 Size (L x W x H): 60cm x 300cm x 200cm

Materials: Fiberglass

Year Produced: NIL

Location: Level 1

Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom, And Faith – Chua Boon Kee
sculpture-7  Description:

“Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy,Wisdom And Faith” was created by ChuaBoon Kee in 2020 using epoxy resin with spray paint.

The artist often fuses Chinese culture and philosophy with his sculptures. This three-dimensional work depicts the Chinese phrase “benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith”.

Stand some distance away and try making out the text in traditional Chinese. Start from the top right-hand corner downwards, before moving to the left. 

To be benevolent is to be kind to all living things. Who would you like to be kinder to today?

 Size (L x W x H): 42cm x 19.5cm x 43.5cm

Materials: Epoxy Resin With Spray Paint

Year Produced: 2020

Level: Level 9

 Torso To Face (Female) – Ng Eng Teng
asset 12@2x  Description:

“Torso To Face” was created by Ng Eng Teng in 1999 using cement fondu.

Walk around the sculpture. How do you feel? Now look closely at the protruding edge.

What does it remind you of?

 Look at the curves. Do you spot any female forms?

 The artist saw a face each time he looked at the human body. This huge head with a long nose also looks like a torso. What do you think this says about a person’s identity?

 Size (L x W x H): 128cm x 98cm x 224cm

Materials: Cement Fondu With Colour

Year Produced: 1999

Location: Level 1

 Breaking Free – Ng Eng Teng
sculpture-10  Description:

“Breaking Free” was created by Ng Eng Teng in the late 1990s using ceramic.

What has happened to this body?

Do you also notice a head? What is its expression?

Now take a look at the hand. What has happened to it?

Just as the hand is trying to break free from its torso, the artist was fighting some demons in his life during this period such as serious illness.

What are some challenges you are strugglingwith today? Do you identify with the sculpture’s expression?

Why do you think this work is outside the Centre’s Practice Room?

The series was acquired directly from Ng Eng Teng during a visit to his studio at Joo Chiat Place in the late 1990s. He succumbed to illness a while after.

Size (L x W x H): 30cm x 30cm x 60cm

Materials: Ceramics

Year Produced: Late 1990s

Location: Level 10

Happy Warriors – Justin Lee
sculpture-9  Description:

“Happy Warriors” was created by Justin Leein 2015 using fibreglass.

What are the soldiers holding and wearing?

Mobile phones, binoculars and headphonesare modern search and communication tools. What or who do you think they are searchingfor?

Who is the general? How can you tell?

The artist often blends Eastern and Western influences in his work to discuss ideas of heritage and identity.

Notice that these ancient Chinese terracotta warriors are holding modern technological tools invented in the West. Do you think the soldiers are happy?

Size: 3 of 23cm x 60cm x 76cm

Materials: Fibre Glass

Year Produced: 2015

Location: Level 10

 Seed – Han Sai Por
sculpture-6  Description:

“Seed” was created by Han Sai Por in 2010 using green granite with enforced steel.

 A seed germinates into a seedling beforesprouting to become an adult plant. Some seeds go on to produce flowers and fruits.

Which stage of the plant’s growth is this?

Granite is a hard and durable material that resists weathering. If the seed symbolises a person, what kind of characteristics would this person grow up to have?

 Why do you think this is placed outside the Centre’s auditorium, where performances are often held?

 Size (L x W x H): 50cm x 49cm x 50cmMaterials: Highly Polished Green GraniteWith Enforced Stainless Steel

Year Produced: 2010

Location: Level 9

My National Flower – Joyce Loo
sculpture-11  Description:

“My National Flower” was created by Joyce Loo in 2018 using white marble.

Vanda Miss Joaquim was selected as Singapore’s national flower because of its resilience and ability to bloom all year round. Considering the current situation, do you think these qualities reflect our national identity?

Why do you think the artist made this work larger than life-size?

 Marble is very hard, so the artist needs to usea chisel to carve the stone into the desired form. Imagine yourself doing this. How would you feel, using this material to create a soft flower?

 Size (L x W x H): 36cm x 35cm x 25cm

Materials: White Marble

Year Produced: 2018

Location: Level 10


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