SG:SW I Write The Songs ‘Finale Concert’ 2022

SG:SW 2022 I Write The Songs ‘Finale Concert’

SG:SW 2022 I Write The Songs ‘Finale Concert’ - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

SG:SW 2022 I Write The Songs ‘Finale Concert’


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After four months of rigorous screening and mentorship, the Top 10 finalists of this year’s SG:SW I Write The Songs have emerged and will be taking the stage of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, for SG:SW 2022 ‘Finale Concert’ on 29 October at 7:00PM. 

The judging panel will pick six winners for the following awards: Best Song, Lyrics (Merit), Melody (Merit), Best Vocal Performance, Best Performing Band, and Popularity (Public Voting). The panel consists of Singapore Cultural Medallion Award recipient Dr Liang Wern Fook, renowned Taiwanese producer-songwriter David Wu, renowned music producer and music director of OB Music Zennon Goh, award-winning producer-songwriter Eric Ng, and Mediacorp Radio Station YES 933 DJ Zhong Kunhua. 

There will also be guest performances by local singer-songwriter and SG:SW 2022 Ambassador Ben Hum, and local band AL4HA. 


Date: 29 October 2022, Saturday

Time: 7:00PM

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9

Guest Artistes: Ben Hum & AL4HA

Hosts: Chen Ning & Gao Mei Gui (YES 933 DJ)

Ticket Prices: $25*, $18* (*excluding SISTIC booking fees)

Tickets are available for sales on SISTIC from 03 October 2022 for PAssion card Holders and Early Bird Promotion. Public sales will start from 15 October 2022.  


The Top 10 Finalists 

After a two-year hiatus, SG:SW Live Showcase returned to the physical format at Bugis+, which drew a crowd of 4,500 onsite audiences and attracted close to 57,000 views for its Facebook Livestream, with local singer-songwriter Lennerd Lim and Shelby Wang as guest performers. The Top 10 finalists battled it out and made it to the last round of the competition. 

The top 20 songwriters also got the opportunity to attend masterclasses with industry veterans Vincent Fang and David Wu. They shared their valuable experiences and tips with the participants, which helped refine the contestants’ songwriting skills. In addition, the Top 10 finalists had their work critiqued by the mentors to improve their eventual composition. 


(Photo: Mentor Vincent Fang with Top 20 Songwriters)


(Photo: Mentor David Wu with Top 20 Songwriters)


Amongst the finalists, four out of the Top 10 compositions are written by songwriters as young as 16 years old, with a student duo having two entries. From a tear-jerking ballad, blues, ballad with some electronic elements, and retro R&B, the music genres across the Top 10 finalists are distinct and diverse.


You can read more about the finalists below:

Song Title: When Your Love Is Gone 那天晚上

Lyrics by: Morgan Law (38)

Melody by: Morgan Law (38)

Brief introduction of song: The song illustrates the writer’s regrets over lost love in the younger days that ended on a guilt-ridden note due to his immaturity. This retro R&B song uses major key chords in verse to describe the happy times and then enters into minor key chords to bring out unpleasant emotions.

Occupation: Freelancer


Song Title: Maniac 疯子

Lyrics by: Lim Zheng Bo (19)

Melody by: Lim Zheng Bo (19)

Brief introduction of song: The creation of “疯子” was inspired by a character in the movie “The Falls”; the character suffered from schizophrenia, and even though she covered her ears, she still kept hearing voices. The writer uses the blues genre to symbolize the state of being very chaotic and about to go crazy, with the lyrics denoting a metaphor that everyone may encounter countless problems and enter a state of madness. The writer hopes listeners can say goodbye to their troubles!

Occupation: Student


Song Title: I Will 我会

Lyrics by: Clavin Cher (16)

Melody by: Clavin Cher (16)

Brief introduction of song: 我会” is a song about seeking hope. An unemployed man walks down a dark street with only despair in his eyes. He walked to the beach and sat down, only to realize that there was a light from a ship in the distance. As the light gradually became brighter, “I” was slowly filled with hope, silently waiting for the dawn.

Occupation: Student


Song Title: In The Name of Youth 以青春之名

Lyrics by: Lee Jia Min (19)

Melody by: Edmund Ng (17)

Brief introduction of song: Young people are often passionate and brave, yet also impulsive and reckless. We use our age to act recklessly, but we also look forward to breaking the shackles that young age brings. Over time, we will gradually lose the courage and freedom to pursue the distance: some people stay true to their hearts; some go with the flow and compromise with themselves. No matter what it ends up being, at least we were once impulsive and brave.

Occupation: Student


Song Title: Dare to Love 愿爱服输

Lyrics by: Deric Chong (33)

Melody by: Jozua Heng (25)

Brief introduction of song: We always hope to pursue a two-way street in love, but reality often disappoints. But no matter what the outcome is, at least we gave it our all. Every relationship allows us to learn to give in, to love dauntlessly, and let go graciously to find a new belonging in the future.

Occupation: Producer, Date Engineer


Song Title: LOVE IS YOU Love是你

Lyrics by: Xiaojiu (33)

Melody by: Ti Kiang Heng (50)

Brief introduction of song: This song describes this feeling of love at first sight. Adolescents often have infinite imaginations and longing for romantic encounters, where many girls hope to have love at first sight. This song illustrates a girl’s dream of meeting the perfect lover in her heart.

Occupation: Self-employed, Engineer


Song Title: Remember to Forget 记得忘了

Lyrics by: Jojo The (31)

Melody by: Elton Lee (24)

Brief introduction of song: “Remember to Forget” is a song about moving on from a past love. Letting go of a relationship is especially painful when the fond memories linger; we often refuse to acknowledge the conflicts and differences that surfaced over time and forcefully continue the toxic relationship. Instead of getting stuck in the vicious cycle of a relationship, “Remember to Forget” suggests that it may be more beneficial to get over the past, and these memories will seem less significant when we meet the right one.

Occupation: Marketing Executive, Student


Song Title: Fly with Love 勇敢翱翔

Lyrics by: Wilson Huang (29)

Melody by: Benjiamin Lim (33)

Brief introduction of song: This song hopes to encourage everyone to take a leap of faith and fearlessly pursue what they desire. The world is not as scary as imagined. Despite the limitations and challenges, never be afraid to try. Even in the face of setbacks, always remember to stand up bravely.

Occupation: Financial Advisor, Singer-songwriter


Song Title: Would You Stay 习惯性分手

Lyrics by: Lee Jia Min (19)

Melody by: Edmund Ng (17)

Brief introduction of song: This song is about break-ups in a relationship. Many regards bringing up a break-up as a taboo in love and feel that there is no turning back once it is said. However, could it be just a form of expressing insecurity in the hope of attention and retention when a party suggests a break-up repetitively? If you choose to leave, it simply proves that we are not firm enough for each other.

Occupation: Student


Song Title: Shape of Love 爱的模样

Lyrics by: Hau Tam Ping (31)

Melody by: Chew See Yu (28)

Brief introduction of song: The song is a ballad love song inspired by a Korean drama’s soundtrack. It tells about a girl’s humbleness, desire, and psychological struggle in a love relationship.

Occupation: Engineer, Self-employed




Organised by Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS), Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, and Ocean Butterflies Music, SG:SW I Write The Songs provides a platform to uncover and cultivate the next generation of original local music talent.


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