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Speech by Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth at opening of 3rd Cultural Extravaganza 2019 and 3rd Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award Ceremony

Community and Youth at opening of 3rd Cultural Extravaganza 2019 and 3rd Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award Ceremony

Singapore, 24 May 2019 — In the current age of globalisation, Singapore’s multicultural character, bilingual education policy and international outlook have provided us with many advantages when we interact and work with people from different countries.

It has obvious benefits in the economic and business sectors. But as importantly, these characteristics have given us the confidence to face a fast changing world, overcome challenges, and shape our future ourselves. As we mark our Bicentennial, it is the time to remember our history, reflect on our cultures and how they have evolved, and grasp the values that take us into the future.

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre plays an important role in developing our unique and vibrant Singapore Chinese culture. Since its commencement in 2017, the Cultural Centre has been making our arts and culture accessible to people of all races and ages by working closely with the community. It presents a calendar of diverse events, incorporating both traditional and contemporary cultural elements, including inter-cultural elements.

This year’s highlights include workshops on Peranakan culture, an interactive and multilingual street wayang performance, and Memoirs of Nanyang, a newly commissioned musical by Siong Leng Musical Association that integrates Nanyin music with Malay music and Mandarin pop. I would like to encourage the Cultural Centre to do even more to engage Singaporeans from all walks of life – including our students and youth, and partners in the community such as our clan associations.

The Cultural Centre is joined by many passionate individuals and organisations, many who are here tonight, in developing, promoting and safeguarding our brand of culture. I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Mr Kua Bak Lim and Ding Yi Music Company for winning the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award. I hope the Award will inspire more Singaporeans to come forward and contribute to the growth of our Chinese culture.

Finally, it is my pleasure to declare the 3rd Cultural Extravaganza open! Have an enjoyable evening. Thank you.


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