Livin’ it up by Yi Xuen Chua (@aartweb)


Livin’ it up by Yi Xuen Chua (@aartweb)

Livin’ it up by Yi Xuen Chua

A modern twist on Ji Gong, also known as the Drunken Monk, puts him in a bar inspired by the structure and details of temples. His eccentric self has pounced on the table to chug a bottle of beer down enthusiastically, representing not a care in the world for rules. Presenting with a face of cheekiness, he holds the mindset of justice, relating to the face of youth. Ji Gong creates a relatable journey for many youths to be wild and free yet keeping their values.

About the Author

Yi Xuen brings across her surreal view of the world through whimsical characters of friends.

For more information about this artwork, please contact the artist at: [email protected]