Party of 8 by PAYNK (@paynk) ;

Party of 8 by PAYNK (@paynk)


Party of 8 by PAYNK (@paynk)

Party of 8 by PAYNK

Inspired by the epic of the Eight Immortals crossing an ocean, each using their own special magical articles to brave the rolling waves, “A Party of 8” chronicles the current ways that people commute, communicate, and celebrate. The donkey is replaced with a jet ski; The sword is replaced with a lightsaber. Every era brings its own flavor to the stories it tells, moulded by the unique culture birthed by the ever-evolving human. The congruence to modern society will one day become obsolete too, but there will still be core values and learning-points that remain relevant for future generations to come.

About the Author

Sharon draws inspiration from nature and the female form; she’s known for her cute but naughty art with secret messages embedded.

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