Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

Key Dates


Start of Nomination

12 May 2023


End of Nomination

30 September 2023, 5pm



October – November 2023


Award Presentation Ceremony

May 2024

Nomination Steps

About the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award is an annual award conferred to individuals and organisations who made extraordinary contributions to the promotion, enrichment, and development of Chinese Singaporean culture.

Inaugural SCCCA Recipient

2nd SCCCA Awardees

3rd SCCCA Awardees

4th SCCCA Awardees

5th SCCCA Awardees

6th SCCCA Awardees


Mr Han Lao Da

Han Lao Da (also known as Ann Jong Juan) has been active in Singapore Chinese theatre since the 1970s. Until the early 1990s, he was the Chairman and Head of…

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Mr Lee Yuk Chuan

Lee Yuk Chuan is the President of the Choral Association (Singapore) and the Honorary Life President of the Association of Composers (Singapore). He is also the Honorary President of the…

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Mr Kua Bak Lim

A celebrated historian in Singapore and Malaysia, Kua Bak Lim graduated from Nanyang University with First-Class Honours in History in 1971. Fueled by a desire to promote the cultural values…

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Dr Liang Wern Fook

Liang Wern Fook is an outstanding Singaporean author, poet, and music-maker. Over the last 40 years, his words and music have attained a Singapore style and carved out a place…

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Dr Tay Teow Kiat

Tay Teow Kiat is a renowned local conductor of Chinese orchestral music, with an extensive and highly esteemed presence in the Singaporean musical scene. He is a pioneer who has…

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Mr Goh Boon Teck

Goh Boon Teck is currently the Chief Artistic Director of Singapore’s renowned bilingual theatre company, Toy Factory Productions Ltd. He was also the youngest Creative Director of Singapore’s National Day…

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Siong Leng Musical Association

First introduced to Singapore more than a century ago by Chinese immigrants from Fujian province, nanyin music has become an integral part of local Chinese culture ever since. Though nanyin…

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Singapore Association of Writers

The Singapore Association of Writers was founded by the pioneering writer Lien Shih Sheng and fourteen other writers in 1970, fueled by a sense of national consciousness in the society.…

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Ding Yi Music Company

Established in 2007, Ding Yi Music Company is one of Singapore’s most prodigious Chinese chamber music ensembles. Its distinctive approach to music-making, distinctive repertoire, and collaborations with prominent musicians such…

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The Theatre Practice

The Theatre Practice (Practice) is Singapore’s longest-standing professional bilingual theatre institution. Founded in 1965 by playwright/director Kuo Pao Kun and dancer/choreographer Goh Lay Kuan, the institution was first established as…

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Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble

The Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble (YPPAE) is a Mandarin theatre performing arts company for the young, by the young. It aims to promote creativity and independent thinking in youths…

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Nam Hwa Opera

Founded in 1963 by avid fans of Teochew opera, Nam Hwa Opera (NHO) has grown into one of Singapore’s most prominent and prolific Teochew opera companies. NHO celebrates its 60th…

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3 Simple Steps

to Nominate Your Cultural Contributors



the Nomination Form



the nomination form. Submissions must be in either Chinese or English. Do not submit hand-written nomination applications.



  • Email the nomination form and all supporting documents to SCCC to
  • Hand-deliver or send nomination documents to SCCC (#11-01, 1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906)

Nominee Criteria


  • All nominees must be living, and a Singapore citizen or PR
  • No restriction on a nominee’s age, gender or ethnicity


  • Must be Singapore-registered corporations or non-profit entities whose main function is to promote arts and culture

*Works/contributions may be made through a non-Chinese language medium.

Nomination Results

SCCC will inform all successful nominators and nominees about the outcome of their nominations. The judges’ decision is final; there is no process to appeal the outcome. Subsequently, the Award Presentation Ceremony is scheduled for mid-year.

Award Categories


Trophy, S$10,000 cash prize and a maximum of S$10,000 project funding (application subject to approval, and on a reimbursement basis).


Trophy, S$10,000 cash prize and a maximum of S$20,000 project funding (application subject to approval, and on a reimbursement basis).

*Application subject for project funding is subject to approval, and on a reimbursement basis. All project funding should be fully utilised within 1 year (12 months) from the date of receiving the award.

Assessment Criteria

The judging panel will assess nominees via this rubric:

process icon

Cultural promotion efforts 

  • Efforts in educating youths and public
  • Creating opportunities to engage youths and public in chosen field
  • Ignite the interest of youths and public in chosen field
  • Effectiveness in promoting and enhancing the social standing and international influence of chosen field
  • Creating a greater awareness and promoting a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and/or language
process icon

Transmission of tradition

  • Through cultivation of a new generation and of fellow artists and cultural practitioners
process icon

Dedication and recognition in the field

  • Tireless dedication to the practice of the chosen field
  • Exemplary influence and inspirational role model, a respected figure of the chosen field
process icon

Innovation and breakthrough

  • Fostering cultural exchanges and collaborations with other ethnic groups in chosen field
  • Achieving innovation and breakthrough in chosen field, thereby creating distinctive local culture

Judging Panel

The Award process starts with a public nomination, and shortlisting of the nominees by the panel of judges. Final recommendations will be put up to the SCCC Board of Directors for approval. Our judging panel is helmed by Mr Lim Jim Koon, and comprises distinguished individuals from the local cultural scene — Special Advisor Professor Eddie Kuo Chen Yu, Mr Low Eng Teong, Ms Woo Mun Ngan, Ms Quek Yeng Yeng, Mr Teo Han Wue and Mr Choo Thiam Siew. Together, they assess the nominees based on the award criteria in a just and fair manner.

img judge

Mr Lim Jim Koon

Judging Panel Chairman

Lim Jim Koon, former Editor of Lianhe Zaobao and former Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Media Group at Singapore Press Holdings, is now an Adjunct Professor of the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration at Nanyang Technological University and of the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

img judge

Professor Eddie Kuo Chen Yu

Special Advisor

Professor Eddie Kuo is the Founding Dean and Professor Emeritus of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information of NTU, Academic Advisor, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), and Advisor, SUSS Centre for Chinese Studies.

img judge

Mr Low Eng Teong


Mr Low Eng Teong is currently the Chief Executive in the National Arts Council (NAC). He is also a board member of the Singapore Art Museum, STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

img judge

Ms Woo Mun Ngan


Woo Mun Ngan, Associate Editor cum Fukan Editor, Chinese Media Group NewsHub, has been an established reporter covering arts and culture related topics. She has published “Aria” (咏叹调), a compilation of her commentaries on music. Woo was a Council Member of the National Arts Council from 2010 to 2013.

img judge

Ms Quek Yeng Yeng


Quek Yeng Yeng, former Deputy Director at the National Arts Council, served on various performing arts, community engagement and arts infrastructure portfolios. She is an avid supporter for active ageing through the arts and sports in community.

img judge

Mr Teo Han Wue


Teo Han Wue, was an editor of the former Bilingual Section of The Straits Times providing contents in English/Chinese, English/Malay and English/Tamil format, as well as the head of translation of the English language daily. He later became a director at the National Arts Council and executive director of Art Retreat, a private museum incorporating Wu Guanzhong Gallery until he dedicated himself fully to writing about art and culture for various publications in English and Chinese.

img judge

Mr Choo Thiam Siew


Mr Choo is currently serving as an Independent Director of COMPASS, and is an advisor for Singapore Chinese Music Federation, Huaxia Culture Hub, Tradition Arts Centre (Singapore) Ltd, San Yi Finger Painting Society, and Lifetime Honorary Advisor of Chinese Opera and drama society (Singapore). He is a Board Director of Ding Yi Music Company, and the President of General Society for Chinese Classical Poetry (International). He is also a member of Xin Hai Calligraphy Society (Singapore).

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Award

The SCCCA recognises individuals and organisations from various cultural sectors, who have made outstanding contributions in the promotion, enrichment, and development of Singapore Chinese culture. More importantly, this Cultural Contribution Award encompasses more than the artistic aspects of Chinese culture.

The award is open to nominations from the fields of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Film & Television, Literary Arts, Heritage and Lifestyle, Popular Culture and Entertainment and Design.

● Performing Arts may include art forms such as music, dance, opera, theatre and others.
● Visual Arts may include art forms such as calligraphy, painting, ceramic, sculpture and others.
● Film & Television may include documentaries, short-films and others.
● Literary Arts may include fiction, poetry, scripts and others.
● Heritage and Lifestyle may include customs and traditions that are practised today such as food, martial arts, traditional crafts and others.
● Popular Culture and Entertainment may include getai, fashion and others.
● Design may include visual, product, architectural and environmental design and others. Arts fields may include the literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, film and others.

The nominees could be:
● Practitioners, organisations or non-profit entities directly involved in the various fields (e.g. dancers, chefs, architects etc.) or
● Individuals, organisations or non-profit entities engaged in the various fields through their own disciplines (e.g. dance critics, food researchers, design curators, etc.)

There is no overlapping between the two awards. The SCCCA recognises contributions made beyond the fine arts, to include the wider realm of heritage, popular culture and creative design.

Yes, barring unforeseen circumstances, it is conferred once annually.

Portfolio Submission

Yes. A nominator may resubmit nomination(s) which was previously not successful. However, please include the nominee’s updated portfolio and CV.

You are strongly encouraged to include any other materials, including letters of support, media reviews, articles, and critical essays, which best reflect the level of excellence and impact of the nominees’ work on the local Chinese cultural scene.

Yes. The project funding should be fully utilised within 1 year (12 months) from the date of receiving the award.


Yes. Nominators may submit more than one nomination for each award.

No. Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award only accepts nominations for living Singapore citizens and PRs.

No. It is assessed according to the extent to which nominees meet the criteria for the Award. The number of nominators or nominations does not affect the prospects of a nominee receiving the Award.

Yes. There is no restriction on age, gender or ethnicity. Non-Chinese, who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese Singaporean culture are eligible to be nominated.

Yes, your nominee would have to be informed as the form requires the nominee’s particulars and signature.

Yes. They are eligible to be nominated and to win an Award even if their works and contributions were made through non-Chinese language medium, such as English, Malay, and/or other language medium.

Selection Process

No. Recipients are assessed based on how well they meet the Award’s criteria and there is no set quota or target number of recipients

The Award process starts with a public nomination, and shortlisting of the nominees by the panel of judges. Final recommendations will be put up to the SCCC Board of Directors for approval.

SCCC will inform all successful nominators and nominees about the outcome of their nominations at the end of the year.

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