Get exclusive SCCC Merchandise at Cultural Extravaganza 2022

Get exclusive SCCC Merchandise at Cultural Extravaganza 2022

Get exclusive SCCC Merchandise at Cultural Extravaganza 2022 - All Events

ORGANISED BY : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Get exclusive SCCC Merchandise at Cultural Extravaganza 2022

In conjunction with its 5th anniversary celebrations, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) has partnered with artists Tiffany Lovage and Keith Yeo to release exclusive merchandise reflecting elements of Chinese Singaporean culture.

The merchandise will be made available to members of the public as part of SCCC’s upcoming Cultural Extravaganza 2022. One will need to share his/her experience at one of the events at Cultural Extravaganza 2022 via Facebook post, Instagram Stories or Instagram Feed, tagging Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. You can check out the full list of programmes on our website here. Submit before 26 June 2022,11.59pm to qualify.

SCCC will select the 40 winners with the best comments. Winners will be able to indicate their choice of which set they prefer, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Tiffany Lovage’s Merchandise Set

Drawing inspiration from sticker collections of many young children’s favourite, Tiffany’s merchandise features an assemblage of familiar elements and motifs that highlights both the distinctiveness and traditional-vs-contemporary aspects of our culture.

(Photo) The set includes a bucket hat, t-shirt, socks, and tote bag. 


(Photo) The tote bag features elements like the Chinese calendar, different-coloured packets used for gifting money during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali, and popular local dish nasi lemak, which can be found in both Malay and Chinese versions.

(Photo) The t-shirt also offers a similar collection of familiar local items, such as mee rebus, Peranakan tiles, and a Jotter Book. 


Keith Yeo’s Merchandise Set

In his years spent abroad, one aspect of our local culture that Keith missed the most was dining at zi char restaurants with his family. When tasked to create a merchandise set that reflected the distinct mix of cultures in Singapore, he naturally gravitated toward the idea of reimagining this iconic aspect of our local dining culture.

(Photo) The set includes a cutlery set, tote bag, lunchbox, and tumbler. 


(Photo) The tote bag’s design was inspired by old zi char takeaway boxes, which hint at all the treats it holds within.  The tumbler design takes cue from one of our celebrated festivals, Duanwu Festival, with rice dumplings and dragon boat racing as its elements of choice. 

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