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Open Call for Programming Ideas


Who is the Open Call for Programming Ideas for?

Individuals and arts and cultural groups who wish to send in ideas to do projects with SCCC.

What is the Open Call for Programming Ideas?

As part of the SCCC’s aim to promote Chinese Singaporean art and culture, we welcome Singapore-based artists, organisations and community partners to submit their proposals for programmes to be held at our centre. The proposed projects could be presented in any format and need not be limited to exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, talks, conferences, performances, demonstrations, film screenings or educational courses.

Evaluation criteria

Submitted proposals will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Ability to attract youth participation/ engagement
  • Ability to be either cross-disciplinary or cross-cultural in nature
  • Ability to highlight the distinctiveness of Chinese culture in Singapore
  • Ability to use the centre’s spaces in creative ways
  • Applicant’s track record and commitment to execute the project

Past projects

Dragon Teeth Gate

Memoirs of Nanyang

Project Budget

Applicants of shortlisted projects would be invited for a preliminary round of discussions with the SCCC Programmes team. The quantum (%) of project funding would be discussed and finalised after the discussion, taking into consideration the scale of the project and technical specifications.

Project timeline

Once confirmed, the selected applicant and SCCC would enter into a commissioning agreement or venue partnership with mutually agreed terms and conditions. The confirmed events could be scheduled with SCCC’s other events and festivals such as Cultural Extravaganza, Chinese New Year Celebration, Mid-Autumn Celebration, Singapore Art Week, Singapore Heritage Festival, etc.

How to apply

Interested parties can apply year-round. There is no deadline for submission. Submit a soft copy of the Open Call Form and relevant supporting documents to

Grants – Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Other Ways SCCC Support You


If you’re a local artist or an arts and cultural group who do not qualify for these grants, you can still obtain support from the SCCC via the Arts Support Framework.

The Arts Support Framework provides the Singaporean arts and cultural community with exhibition platforms and administrative spaces within the SCCC building to showcase their creative work, while also offering various programmes such as the Arts Housing Scheme, Visual Arts Partnership and Artspace@SCCC.