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Research Grant

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The Chinese Arts and Culture Research Grant is an initiative introduced by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in 2018. Its goal is to fund research projects related to Chinese visual arts, performing arts, culture and impact, and/or contribution of these Chinese visual arts and performing arts on Chinese identity and culture in Singapore.

The projects awarded to date are:

  • The Journey of Minds: Chinese Modernity and Chinese Ink-Painting in Singapore
  • Chinese Epigraphy of Singapore: 1912-2019
  • Poetic Records of the History, Society and Culture of Singapore Chinese: Classical Chinese Poetry in Singapore
  • Culture to Bind the Immigrants: Allaying Discontents and Integrating New Chinese Immigrants in Singapore
  • Cultural Heritage of Singapore’s over-100-years-old Kinship-based Clan Associations
  • Gods on Earth: Vernacular Shrines, Religious Heritage and Community Formation in Singapore
  • Promoting Chinese Identity and Cultural Interest through Culture Mixing in Arts
  • Learning Chinese XYZ through Technical Method: Chinese Characters and Ideograph in Print and Picture (1800-1875)

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Publication Grant

The objective of the Publication Grant is to disseminate research on Chinese Singapore culture conducted by institutes of higher learning, think-tanks, researchers and academics. This Grant will support publications in the following areas of research: Chinese visual arts, Chinese performing arts, Chinese culture, and Chinese Singaporean identity. Print and online publications can help create awareness and make such research available to a wider public beyond Singapore.

The grant accepts both print and online publications as suitable mediums to create awareness and make such research available to wider audiences outside of Singapore.

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International Conference

Diversity and Singapore Ethnic Chinese Communities International Conference Publication

“Diversity and Singapore Ethnic Chinese Communities International Conference” was jointly organised by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) and the Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore in 2019. This was SCCC’s inaugural conference, and it examined the different aspects of the Chinese Singaporean community including identity, religion, literature, language and popular culture.

This digital publication is a collection of the papers presented in the conference, with a foreword by SCCC’s CEO Mr Low Sze Wee.