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Chinese Arts and Culture Research Grant (CACRG) is an initiative introduced by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in 2018 to fund research projects related to Chinese visual arts, performing arts, culture and impact/and or contribution of these Chinese visual arts and performing arts on Chinese identity and culture in Singapore. The CACRG aims to encourage local institutes of higher learnings (IHLs), think-tanks and academics, and engage them to document and conduct research on different aspects of Singapore’s Chinese arts and culture that are of interest to SCCC and, at the same time, strengthen SCCC’s arts and culture resources and research capabilities. The projects awarded to date are:


Our Publication Grant aims to disseminate research on Singaporean Chinese culture through working with institutes of higher learning, think-tanks, researchers and academics.

It works to support publications in the areas of research such as:

  • Chinese visual arts
  • Chinese performing arts
  • Chinese culture
  • Chinese Singaporean identity

The grant accepts both print and online publications as suitable mediums to create awareness and make such research available to wider audiences outside of Singapore.