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‘Blooms of Vitality, Colours of Life’, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s inaugural cultural exhibition | Media Room

‘Blooms of Vitality, Colours of Life’, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s inaugural cultural exhibition

‘Blooms of Vitality, Colours of Life’, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s inaugural cultural exhibition

Singapore, 09 January 2016 – ‘Blooms of Vitality, Colours of Life’ is the first cultural exhibition extravaganza presented by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC).

The exhibition explores Singapore Chinese culture from the perspectives of humanities, and presents its vitality through poetic narratives. Its concept and approach exemplify SCCC’s endeavour in promoting local Chinese culture through innovative and interactive presentations.

Organised by SCCC with the support of the Singapore Press Holdings Chinese Media Group, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Co Ltd and the People’s Association, ‘Blooms of Vitality, Colours of Life’ is Singapore’s first multimedia exhibition on local Chinese culture. It amasses information and materials provided by some 300 local agencies, clan associations, cultural organisations and individuals and employs two different formats, large display panels and immersive multimedia presentations. The evolution of Singapore’s unique Chinese cultural scene will be comprehensively presented using vivid expressions, interactive exhibits and special visual projections.

Four exhibition zones will showcase the unique three-tier lifeblood of Singapore Chinese culture: (i) the sprit and flavour of cultural exchange and integration in everyday life; (ii) the diverse and lively heritage and innovation of the arts and culture; and (iii) the various facilities within the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre that are currently being built.

The vitality and vibrancy of Singapore’s artistic culture and cultural life will be presented through the specially-curated content and visual experience, to feature the unique, the contemporary, the dynamic and the innovative, all evolving with the times. The exhibits will excite members of the public, to enhance their awareness and understanding of local Chinese culture in a relaxed, fun and interactive manner.

During the exhibition, there will also be a series of specially-designed ‘Cultural Weekends’ activities, including a microfilm series by youths, topical lectures, new music creations, multicultural dances, exquisite operas fusing the classical and contemporary aesthetics, and more.

In conjunction, we have entered into a partnership with the People’s Association to introduce new immigrants to the diverse local Chinese culture. “Community Learning Journey: Reliving Our Past, Enlivening Our Future” will comprise visits to this cultural exhibition and “The Future Of Us” exhibition and culminate with a feast of typical local food. It aims to offer a glimpse into the unique Singapore Chinese culture, including its popular food culture, and foster a sense of belonging and pride among the participants. The event is expected to attract 2,000 new immigrants.

The Opening Ceremony of ‘Blooms of Vitality, Colours of Life’ will be held on 9 January 2016, 6:30pm, at the Singapore Conference Hall. Mr Baey Yam Keng, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, will officiate the exhibition opening as the Guest of Honour. The exhibition will run till 31 January 2016.

Key Information

Opening: 9 January 2016 (Saturday), 6:30pm
Guest of Honour: Mr Baey Yam Keng
Parliamentary Secretary
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Location: Singapore Conference Hall
Exhibition: 10-31 January 2016 ,9am – 9pm (Daily)
Admission is free.


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