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Celebrate our song-writing talents at the【SG:SW 2020 I Write The Songs】Online Finale Concert


Singapore, 16 November, 2020–Organised by Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS), Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, and Ocean Butterflies Music, SG:SW I Write The Songs makes a strong return in its fourth year. SG:SW I Write The Songs is a nationwide Mandopop songwriting festival that provides a unique platform to uncover and cultivate the next generation of local music talent. Since its first instalment in 2017, the festival has received nearly 1,400 compositions over the course of four years, inspiring a local songwriting craze that has not been seen for many years in Singapore. This year, SG:SW I Write The Songs received a total of 322 entries. After four months of rigorous screening and intense training, the Top 10 finalists have emerged and will be taking the stage of SG:SW 2020 ‘Online Finale Concert’ on 27 November, 7:00PM.

The ‘SG:SW I Write The Songs 2020’ has continued despite the challenges this year by bringing the entire experience online. The new format has brought about positive developments as we were able to reach out to more audiences and overcome geographical distances. Live performances at the usual performance venues were showcased via livestream of pre-recorded performances on the SG:SW Facebook page, which attracted close to 30,000 viewers. The masterclasses also enabled industry veterans Lee Si Song and Billy Koh to share their experience and tips with the finalists from Singapore and China respectively via video conferencing platforms.

Bringing together aspiring songwriters from all generations and walks of life

‘SG:SW I Write The Songs’ stipulates that each entrant may submit a maximum of three compositions, be it an individual or a co-written track. Across the  322 submissions received, the total number of participating songwriters stands at 261,

indicating a rise in multiple submissions per entrant. Amongst them, 229 are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, while the rest are student pass or work visa holders from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In addition to students, the large spectrum of entrants aged 15 to 63 years old come from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, bus drivers, flight attendants, hairdressers, musicians, etc.

Music Director of OB Music, Zennon Goh expressed,

“SG:SW 2020 attracted a younger pool of songwriters”

Out of the 322 compositions received during open calls, 20 were selected to perform at the ‘Online Live Showcases’ segment. Performances of the Top 20 compositions were pre-recorded and then broadcasted in front of a panel of judges who shortlisted the Top 10 to advance to the finals live on SG:SW Facebook page.  The judging panel included renowned music practitioners Zennon Goh, Serene Koong, Peng Chi Sheng, Zhang Si’er and Derrick Tham.


(Photo: Resident Judge, Zennon Goh at ‘Online Live Showcases’)

“SG:SW 2020 attracted a younger pool of songwriters” said Zennon Goh, Resident Judge of the festival and Music Director of OB Music. He added, “One of the Top 10 finalists is 17 years old, with only a couple of months of songwriting experience. We are heartened and hope to continue uncovering and nurturing young local songwriting talents”.

The ‘Online Live Showcases’ segment also welcomed local singer-songwriter Teresa Tseng and singer-songwriter and producer Ang Junyang as guest performers. Aside from performing their classics, Tseng and Ang also shared their first-hand experiences as singer-songwriters in the industry. The Top 20 contestants and guest artistes ’Online Live Showcases’ attracted over 30,000 views.


(Photo: Local Singer-songwriter Teresa Tseng)


(Photo: Local Singer-songwriter and Producer Ang Junyang)

Online Masterclass held by Local Industry Veterans Lee Si Song and Billy Koh

One of SG:SW 2020’s highlights is certainly the ‘Online Masterclasses’ by industry veterans Lee Si Song and Billy Koh. As mentors for the festival’s ‘Online Masterclass’, the producer-songwriters helped critique the Top 10 song entries, and shared their songwriting experiences and tips with the participants. The feedback and advice from these esteemed industry pioneers will enable the finalists to improve on their original compositions for the final showcase at the ‘Online Finale Concert’.


(Photo: Mentor Lee Si Song with Top 20 Songwriters)


(Photo: Mentor Billy Koh with Top 20 Songwriters)

Top 10 Finalists Present Diverse and Creative Song Entries

This year’s competition presents a different flavour from previous years as new songwriters, with as little as only two months of songwriting experience, take up the majority of the Top 10 spots. The music genres across the Top 10 finalists are also distinct and diverse – from a tear-jerking ballad, inspirational folk, new age music, pop- rock, and even a dance hit, the finalists are ready to rock the arena with their improvised compositions.

Top-notch Industry Professionals as Judging Panel of ‘Online Finale Concert’

Comprising Singapore Cultural Medallion Award recipient Dr Liang Wern Fook, renowned music producer and music director of OB Music Zennon Goh, producer- songwriter maestros Billy Koh, Lee Si Song, and veteran media personality and lyricist Ng King Kang, the panel of judges will be selecting six winners for the night. Awards will be presented for ‘Best Song’, ‘Lyrics (Merit)’, ‘Melody (Merit)’, ‘Best Vocal Performance’, ‘Best Performing Band’, and ‘Popularity (Public Voting)’; and winning songs will be professionally produced and released, with music videos specially recorded for these winning entries.

Serene Koong and MengFM as Guest Performers

Hosted by Mediacorp YES 933 DJs Gao Meigui and Chen Ning, the show will also feature performances by home-grown acts singer-songwriter and SG:SW 2020 Online Ambassador Serene Koong and local band MengFM.


SG:SW I Write The Songs ‘Online Finale Concert’

Date 27 November 2020, Friday

Time 7:00PM

Platform SG:SW 2020 and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Facebook Page Guest ArtistesSerene Koong & MengFM

Hosts Gao Meigui & Chen Ning (YES 933 DJ)

Event Listing


SG:SW I Write The Songs Online Finale Concert

Date: 27 November 2020 (Friday) Time: 7:00PM

  Live streamed on SG:SW 2020 and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Facebook Page Guest performances by Serene Koong and MengFM

Hosted by YES 933 DJ Gao Meigui and Chen Ning

From tear-jerking ballads, catchy pop tunes, to an energetic dance hit, revel in a night of multi-genre performances at the SG:SW I Write The Songs Online Finale Concert! Celebrate our local song-writing talents in this musical showcase by the top ten finalists, who have stood out across 322 song entries and gone through four months of intense training in preparation for the grand finale. Audiences are also in for a special treat as SG:SW 2020 Online Ambassador Serene Koong and local band MengFM will take the stage to perform their familiar hits.

Organised by Composers & Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS), Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and Ocean Butterflies Music, SG:SW I Write The Songs provides a platform to uncover and cultivate the next generation of original local music talent.


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